How many hours should I be sleeping in order to be productive throughout the day

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First of all, writing anything on this topic I'd like to clear this I am not going to undermine the importance of sleep in our life over here. But the true fact of my life is everyone seems tired of my sleeping habit.

I am often told how many hours I should be sleeping in order to be productive throughout the day. But My answer is always It doesn't matter how many hours I sleep. What matters the most is what do i do when I am awake. I believe the fundamental key of being productive is how you use your time when you are up.

You just need to check on yourself. For being productive check n balance is Indeed necessary. Sometimes you need to ask yourself Is your time serving you well or you are becoming worst of yourself.

I always say If i sleep more than 9 hours and still accomplish my all tasks of the day then I don't think my sleep should bother anyone. In this state of quarantine if you are still completing your all daily tasks then you are perfectly going in the right way.

Now that we have been told that we are going to have our finals so I am damn busy in my books now. Still, I try to be multitasking.

Still managing my all online activities and completing my all quests. Yes, there is one problem with my Ts account. I need to get that account in top 10 this season and still, there are 2 days in this season. I wish all the best to me.

When I am awake. I help mama in the kitchen. I study. I spend quality time with my family. I try to be more and more productive throughout the day.

yes, i don't gossip hours n hours with my friends on Whatsapp now. So they all think I am sleeping all the time :P XD. But I have a better place to spend my time when I am in the mood of chatting :P

Alright, guys, the purpose of writing on this silly topic is I wanted to use this gif😂

Thank you so much @rehan12 for such a cool gif. And look I wrote a meaningless epistle just for this gif. I just wanted to use this desperately 😝. Well, It's not meaningless epistle. I've made some sense I guess.

I am xawi and I live in neoxian city. We are his citizens and he is an amazingly amazing leader. We are not pets of neoxian but his loyal citizens ;)

yea outside of the neoxian city someone told us that people call us neoxian's pet :P


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