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Hi dear friends!! 🙂🙂

I welcome all my friends to my blog. Hope you all are well. I'm fine too. Today I shared a picture of a very beautiful flower on my blog. I think you will like the pictures of this flower. So friends, the flower I was talking to you about and the flower you are already seeing on my blog is called a rose. This flower is very beautiful to look at and its captivating colour attracts everyone's attention.


Wood roses usually have five petals. The petals of this beautiful flower are relatively strong. This means that there are many flowers whose petals are very light and fall off quickly. But the rose petals are a little too thick to fall off easily. The flower stays fresh even when the stalk falls off.


Wood rose is a very beautiful flower. The color of this flower is also very nice to look at. Yellow in the middle and white around yellow. I am sure you will like the flower. The light of the rose flower has a light sweet fragrance. Maybe its aroma is not too intense, but it has a beautiful color. The color that everyone finds love. This is one of my favorite flowers.


These flowering trees are not very large. And like the rose flower, this flower tree has no cut. Many people like this flower because it is very beautiful to look at. I went to my uncle's house this morning and took these pictures. I like these a lot. So I shared the pictures of this wood rose on my blog.



I shared these pictures from my blog thinking that you will like them. Those of you who were reading my post will let me know how you like these pictures. I hope you like these flowers too. Thank you so much for reading my post.

Thanks for visiting my blog!! 💚💚



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