A Beautiful Tropical Asian Birds Photography-Red-Whiskered Bulbul

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Photography By: @uttambarman



My Dear Creative Steemians, once again Uttambarman is here with some Beautiful Birds Photography. Now, this is time to enjoy the Beautiful Creation of our Almighty Creator. Last week I was a little bit busy with my personal work. But I Missed you all people very much. I hope you all like my all photography.


Red-Whiskered Bulbul, I love to call it the small insect's hunter. This is a very beautiful Bird mostly found in the tropical South-Asia. This bird has a great color combination. Black Irish eyes, Blacklip, Grey wings, Blacked Natural crown in the head, off white Body down part, Black legs. Just Looking like a king of Birds.


Red-Whiskered Bulbul is a very common figure in Bangladesh. It is the available maximum tropical forest in our country. The insect's hunting process makes these birds different from other birds. Red-Whiskered Bulbul is a very good hunter. It can be hunted be flying insects on the air. It also can fly very fast. Besides insects, it also eats various fruits.


Let's share with you all very important topics about wildlife. The #Covid-19 Could be the most dangerous Epidemic for human civilization. But on the other hand, it's become a blessing for wildlife. More than 95% of industrial works are stopped for the COVID-19 crisis. After a very long time, our Nature gets a rest from continuous pollution.


Our nature is taking rest, it was very tired continuously fighting with the man-made pollution. It was very tiring to saving the planet, saving wildlife and also saving the self-fish human civilization. Now it's time to cheer up for our nature. Now it gets a chance to rebuild itself, Now its get a chance to makes itself pollution-free. Now it taking better preparation for fighting once again with human civilization.


Our whole ecosystem seems to be destroyed by us. We never think about wildlife, I just forget that they also a creation of our Almighty creator. We have no right to kill them by destroying our ecosystem. So, I think COVID-19 Could be a phenomenon for saving wildlife by our Almighty creator and It could be an example for us, if we do bad with our nature, our nature also can do very bad with us.


It has been a long time we are facing the COVID-19 crisis. Day by day the crisis is increasing. Still, we are unable to invent or discover the permanent cure for the COVID-19. Nobody knows how long they have to suffer, What is the exact time duration of our home quarantine life. When we will able to go back to our normal life. Within a very short time, the maximum state will break the lockdown. A human being will star polluting our nature once again. Then once again the deadly COVID-19 (Pollution) will attract our wildlife once again. We are suffering from COVID-19 for more than 6 months but our wildlife is suffering man-made COVID-19 (Pollution) for a very long time.


We are very lucky that still, our nature is supporting us. Still, our wildlife exists. Still, they are trying to balancing our ecosystem. Still, we have time to realize that, let's promise we will try our best for saving our nature and wildlife, We will not produce or create much COVID-19 virus for our wildlife. Otherwise very soon our wildlife will be destroyed by our created COVID-19 virus and our whole ecosystem will be destroyed and finally we will be destroyed from this planet.

Thanks for passing through. I'm inviting you all for commenting on my post, without your's meaningful comments It's really so hard to find out my mistakes and your's meaningful comment will help me to develop my quality. So please make it.
Every Photo Shoot by Nikkon D-3500
Edit In: Adobe Lightroom.

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