View from the 7th Floor - Kharkiv, Ukraine

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I have mentioned before lockdown life is boring but now Ukraine's Government has loosened restrictions so people are trying to get back to their normal life. I have seen children are playing now in the children's play zone. They are enjoying the last few days of spring.

I was walking on the corridor of my apartment building and suddenly I noticed a small window. It's a south-facing window so sunlight was coming and not dark at all. I think to provide natural light, architect designer that window though our apartment building orientation is not too good, it's a north-facing building.


Really very small rectangular shape window or I can say small opening. basically full height glass and width might be 2.5' to 3' maximum (2.5 feet to 3 feet). Height approx 10' not more than that because I saw beamline as well.

Clearly written, "No Smoking" so that full height opening can be opened. The shocking fact is I never noticed that. The reason for this situation is I never walked into the public corridor and I personally don't like doing that.

I walked to the opening and noticed this view...



Such a bright Sunny Day and I can look at my area which I never noticed before. It's not an astounding view, an ordinary area with the flavor of the Soviet period. But whatever the quality of the area, it looked beautiful. I can see the horizon lines, the city blended with the sky at some point. Ya buildings are old, full of trees and beautiful sky with fluffy floating clouds.

I know many people don't like seeing too many pictures in one small post, but honestly speaking I don't mind watching some beautiful pictures with writing.

I don't live in a high-class area, I live in an average secure area, a little bit far away from the city center but I really admire this area because of the environment and location. I think living on the 7th floor is an advantage, I can enjoy the beautiful view with fresh air.


Can you see the green area, it looks like a line, thick green line. It's a village area with a beautiful lake. From the 14th floor of my university tower, the top view is more clear and I have seen the frozen lake as well. It's really pretty to look at...

I know this post is not an exceptional post, but living in a different city is something else. You will enjoy the view if you live on the top floor of your building with a cup of coffee...

These are just pictures, random captures but during this lockdown period, living a quarantine life, watching this type of view feels like I am watching a picture, a beautiful lively image...


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thank you for taking me down that corridor and the views, tells a lot about life over there...

Hi! It's good to move towards normal life again (or sort of) :) Would love to see you on with your thoughts, drawings and more. Hope, you will set up there your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day :)

Thank you for the information, I will check it out... Well, still corona panic is not over but trying to be positive as much as possible...

Coronavirus is gonna stay with us for 12-18 months or more, we have to adapt somehow....

I am thinking that too, it will not over soon...

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