A Visit to Different Places Before Lockdown

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One of the things I miss before lockdown is visiting different places. Of course, I can go back there after lockdown. However, it won't be the same because of the "new normal" by which we are required to wear masks, and physical distancing needs to be observed. So it means we cannot be this close with my friends, and we will be taking pictures with our masks on. We cannot flaunt our handsome and beautiful faces at those beautiful places.

Here, I am looking back on my pictures, and places when I don't have to wear masks yet.

In Aguedo Agbayani Park

Aguedo Agbayani Park is located in Capitol Compound. Here, I am with my friends and girlfriend after having a lunch in the park. Afterwards, we took some rest by having a nap there.

In Baler, Aurora

We also went to Baler, Aurora. Here we went to the town plaza or park of the capital town of Aurora Province, and the Hanging Bridge.

We also went to Ermita Hill, and have a good view of the town, and the bay.

In Dilasag, Aurora

We also went to Dilasag, Aurora, the northernmost town of the province. Well, that's quite far, and we did hiking in a mountain close to our accommodation.

In Dibulo Falls, Isabela

We also had a visit to the beautiful Dibulo Falls. To be honest, it is quite far, and not easy to reach.

Around the World in Pangasinan

It is seasonal, and we visited this place in Capitol Grounds. They set up replicas, and pictures of different places worldwide. Here is the replica of Singapore, and Manila, Philippines.

These are the stuffs in Brazil.

Lastly, we went to London? Yeah, it looks like London but it was extremely hot. It was cool though.

This was also posted on Peakd.


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