Anxiety, causes and antidotes

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When there's series of burning thoughts, driving nerves and also an unsteady mind, the human whole tend to be entrapped in anxiety. It's actually not a person's fault if he is feeling anxious, nervous or any form of sentiment.
The human body reacts firstly on impulses gotten from the environment one finds himself, his total awareness and voluntary actions are actually triggered by his mindset!


Anxiety is a big killer, it may be slow in reaction but at a striking point its venom is much poisonous and as such dangerous. In a planet as big as earth and with its population of over a billion people, numerous number of those people suffer from anxiety.
Let me use myself as a care study.
I once had this anxious emotion running through my streams, one of which was failing a course and one of which was an imagery of death Constantly causing havoc in my head.

What caused it?

-Human Company

Let's Treat Them One By One!


A physical or emotional pressure suffered by human being, either as a result of work or as a result of a recent breakdown and crisis.
Stress is like the major factor of anxiety, when there's a factor like stress puling strings within a person then there's a possible result to anxiety!
Stress general brings the body to weakness, cause uneasiness and often paralysis.
In my care study, I was dealing with an emotional break down, crisis that brought my easy brain functions to zero, analysis were bridged and I was stuck in a haze, a state of mental disorder, a perfect agent of anxiety!



It is not a new thing that a person's physical environment totally affects his health in general!
I had a one time trip away from home, where I had to spend days alone, I think I was basically home sick and that disrupted my mental fuses and left me hanging on anxiety. My environment brought me nuisance and irritations, lots of things to rapidly hurt and think about, this invited a tiny friend called anxiety to trouble my mental self!

•Human Company •

Company Company Company!
Keeping a good company goes a long way in assuring you good health! Let's take a study of being in high school, let's say you switched school at some point to a different one, leaving your best friends behind and moving on. On getting to your new school, you fall into the arms of bullies or people who just decided to make your life a living hell. That company of humans has potentially caused a lot of young teens depression and anxiety, and some end up committing suicide!
The humans you find in your company can either help motivate and groom you or hurt and radical you! This kinda has a similarity with your environment because those humans are part of your environment.


Recently discovered that the more I stay idle, indoors and not having anything to do that will take my time and distract my mind from everything, is like a prime factor of a possible anxiety!
Idleness invites thoughts, you will definitely find yourself thinking rapidly about unnecessary things and through which you'd give way to insecurities and fears of random shits that ain't supposed to be!



A state of unusual thinking and uneasiness towards an upcoming event that you find disturbing.
If you're a person that worries a lot about everything, either having doubts, uncertainty or inability to attain a steady mind that everything will be find, then you are pron to deal with anxiety!
Anxiety is like an agent! His work is to find negative thoughts, work on them then use it as a weapon to cause chaos and havoc in a humans brain. They'd be no anxiety if there's no negative thoughts about anything at all!

But If You Can't Prevent Anxiety, At least You Can Cure It... Here's Some Antidotes!

-Get Busy
-Go For Sites Seeing
-Perform Some Recreational Activities

~Get Busy~

Antidote derived from the causes of being idle. Let's look at the life of a person who goes to parties a lot, in your own examination, can you draw out a graph that shows a percentage that such person has to sit and think about anything?
Am guessing your answer is no!
A person of such barely have time to think of anything, they are literally free leaving being, ferial and carefree. Am not saying you should indulge in balling parties, but what am saying is get busy! Do things that gets your mind off everything and puts it on nothing! That's a pretty effective formula!

~ Go For Site Seeing~

If there's one thing I know that is really refreshing, relieving and brings a total calmness in me, it's site seeing. I love going out to feed on the wonders of nature, just starring at water bodies brings an extremely perfect peace. That can be your antidote too, help yourself by exploring and get your mind at ease...

~Perform Some Recreational Activities ~

Yes, this is where fun games comes in, hide and seek, ludo games, Scrabble, draft, or is it swimming? Anything at all that has fun written all over it! Fun games are amazing ways of eradicating anxiety from our system!



Lots of people don't really see exercise to be important. Some say they don't care about they body shape and all that, so they won't exercise! But being fit is never just about your physical appearance! Your mental health being kept at ease and in a stable functioning process is part of being fit.
Exercising burns fats and stress, reducing both the body's total weight and equally the brain's pressure!
It's like a cooling system that restores the whole factory to a safe and functioning state.
Exercise is important and crucial, So please exercise!


Yes, the most important if am to say! Sometimes we over work our body and that causes a lot of malfunctioning in our system, it brings stress and equally paralysis! When the body is fatigue then it is exposed to mental instability and total body disturbance. Getting some rest sometimes may be hard as well, so I recommend getting sleeping pills to help you rest, but caution! The pills must be strictly taken by doctor's prescription!

I strongly believe that if you undergo all this processes then anxiety would not be a problem to you any longer, because I tested it myself like a said from the beginning, I am the care study here and I hope this helps!

Till next Time!

Keep Creating!

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