Donate a Dollar, It Will Save Lives

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Those of you who have ever supported us, The BDcommunity, please read this thoroughly and extend your support a little more. Every ounce of it may count. As it might help us save a life or two in the process.

Let’s say, every morning you drink coffee and it's worth about a dollar or so. Its a part of your daily routine. But it's not such an expense you couldn't do with, is it? If you donated it to us in ways described below, it might feed a poor family of three for one day. In that retrospect, Any amount counts, don't you think?

It's a piece of general news now that the ongoing outbreak of SARS-COV-2 is a fast-spreading pandemic resulting in thousands dead and thousands more getting infected everyday. So the only successful method to stop its aggressive spread is to pull yourself away from society and staying at home. But did you ever stpped to think about those hard-working people who earn hand to mouth?

The construction workers, rickshaw pullers, roadside vendors, homeless shelter-less kids, small-time fishermen, industrial workers, and many others fall in that danger zone whose only way to survive in this world is to rely on their marginal wages or us buying their services and buying it every day or they'd have nothing to eat for the next day. What would they do?


It might be that where you live, the percentage of such populous is very low. That the federal or local government can afford to support every one of them. But here, in Bangladesh, that percentage is much higher. An estimated ill-fated almost 65 million of our citizens depend on us, the able-bodied ones who can afford to pay for the services they provide which in turn feeds them and their family.

But while we, who can afford to stockpile on foods and live off of that while watching our favorite shows, being in quarantine, isolation or lockdown whatever you name it, they will be jobless and in their desperate search of finding ways to earn will either lead them to starvation, getting sick or being infected by the SARS-COV-2, all the While you munch away your favorite snacks. Sadly, in Bangladesh, They even had to rely on volunteers to provide them with face masks and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as they can’t afford to pay for it.

To them, COVID-19 is less scary than being starved to death. So this is your chance to save a life or an entire family from those 65 million of them with just 1 dollar.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. The payout from this will be converted to Bangladeshi currency-BDT, and it will be then sent to a fully trusted and completely voluntary organization that can more efficiently distribute the food or the necessary gear they buy with it. They are more capable as they've been doing it for decades now. These Organizations are well established and licensed by the government of Bangladesh. And The authenticity of the donations we receive and send to them will be provided in a follow-up post.

  2. The organization the payout will be donated to is named BIdyanondo foundation. They have a website where you can donate directly to If you want and have PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. If you live in Bangladesh you can donate using Bkash, Rocket or Bank Account(DBBl, SIBL). The information to which is also provided there.

  3. If you donate liquid tokens, they will be converted and donated in the respective manner described above and the certification of the donations will be provided in a follow-up post.

To gain you, the readers trust a little more, here’s a little peek into the Organization, Bidyanondo Foundation, how they operate and all the other necessary links.

Bidyanondo Foundation

Bidyanondo, is a selfless completely voluntary nonprofit organization founded by Kishor Kumar Das, A corporate professional in his prior life who now is a social activist. He was from an underprivileged class himself too. So he made it his lifes work to fight for the poor, feed, provide shelter and educate them. You can read all about him Here

A Glimpse into Their Website.

1 1.png

1 7.png

1 8.png

1 9.png

1 1.jpg

1 6.png

1 3.png

1 4.png

1 10.png

1 2.png

1 5.png

1 11.png

All of The Photos Are Taken from Bidyanondo Website

Its sister organization, “One Taka Meal” is the most successful project of all the others they have. Their motto is to provide food for kids and old alike who are helpless and shelter-less. And now amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, they’re pushing all their ability to the extreme. They held a campaign on Facebook recently which has collected 49,000 dollars in just 12 hours. You can read all about them here.

These are the links that will help you know more about them and donate easily.

  1. Bidyanondo foundation website
  2. Bidyanondo Donation Page
  3. Bidyanondo Donation Page
  4. One Taka Meal Website
  5. One Taka Meal Donation page
  6. One Taka Meal Facebook Page

To know more about what we are trying to do here, please leave a comment below or join us in our Discord


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We are fighting & We will defeat the virus 🙂

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Nice venture!
We should all help them. Thanks BDCommunity for pointing it out to everyone.

Together we are strong 💪 . Thanks for your Donation 🙂

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