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📸Some important tips for new photographers📷


If you are a new photographer, these tips are for you. Hopefully this will take you one step further on the path to becoming a better photographer.

  1. First and foremost, refrain from buying expensive cameras. Because even with a cheap camera you can take a lot of beautiful pictures. The more pictures you take, the more ideas you will get about the pictures. This will allow you to understand which camera you need.

  2. Have your camera with you wherever you go. If for some reason the camera is not with you, write down the location and the subject of the picture in a notebook so that you can go to the next location and take the pictures. However, care must be taken not to omit important issues, especially lighting.

  3. Care should be taken so that nothing is visible. Sometimes a lot of small things are captured in the picture as impossibly beautiful.

  1. There is no alternative to study. There are various free websites for learning photography, from which you can also learn a lot.

  2. Experiment with the camera settings, manipulate what kind of effect is used to increase the acceptability of the image.

  3. Try to take some pictures every day, if you can't, choose a specific time to take pictures. By doing this you will never forget what you are learning.

  1. Never be afraid to take pictures. It is normal to make mistakes, because you cannot learn without making mistakes. All the famous photographers in the world have come to this stage today by learning from the mistakes they made in the beginning. So get out of the camera now and start photography.




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