Promotional activities?

A lot has happened in the last year (understatement?)

We are considering active promotion of the Steem Basic Income program again. The various types of posts we have done are actually a lot of work, but they were also quite rewarding in their own way.

Which types of promotional content from SBI did you like to see? Which did you think were spam?


I dunno, really. As I didnt see much posts of this kind, I cant qualify them as 'spam'. But what I can say for sure -- a lot of folks (newcomers) have no idea about SBI, and the posts should be informative and catchy, uhmm... 1st thing they should become aware of its existence! 2nd thing, they should become intrested in educating more about it.

Thanks for the feedback! I do think a new information series is a good idea.

I will happily join as a Russian translator and will try to do it momentarily. (There is a lot of new Russian-speaking Steem users, that came in a recent 10 months, who will appreciate the info).

Sorry I gave up and postponed working on translations... I didnt intend to gave up on this work at all.

Most of the existing content on Steem side is still quite accurate, but please reach out to me on Discord about specific articles so that we can prioritize and get translations out in the most sensible order (and so that I can vet the articles before having them translated in case there have been changes that should be included before translation).

sure. sent a message.

Perhaps a list of contests where you can win SBI. I think you did that last time. Freewritehouse has two contest running, for example. I'd like to discover more.

I don't remember any SBI posts that seemed like spam.

I agree with this comment.

Thanks for the feedback! I want to start simple by just resteeming contest posts whenever I spot them. Do you know of any good tool like ginabot that didn't defect? Good tools make program management a million times easier!

Unfortunately I don't know much about the tools on that end.

Welcome back to Steem blockchain ! :) 💙💙💙 ♩♬♬

SBI Giveaway posting would be great !
especially comments voting guess bid
odd even
win lose even

win SBI for prize !

GodSpeed SBI @steembasicincome


Happy to hear you want to get back into the SBI game a little deeper again here on the chain :)
Steem on!

Is SBI still running and taking new members on?

Yes. Enrollments and upvote delivery are fully automated and still running smoothly, we just have not been promoting at all in the last year.

Interesting to see that you are looking into this as I am just looking at getting back into trying to post on a regular basis. Been WAY to long since I've been around and feel lost currently. Hope to find my way again.

Either way you go glad to see you are around and hope all is well for you and the family.

Nothing like finally decent price action to bring us old-timers out of the woodwork, eh?
Mostly kidding... I've been around, I just haven't been posting. Thanks for your comments. Hopefully I get a little more feedback from others too, but if not... I guess that means I can do whatever I want?

It's purely been a time thing for me. Last year was not pretty with opening a store and then having to shut down for 10 weeks due to our dictator of a Gov. Worked harder then ever and all I was doing was playing catch up to recover from those 10 weeks. Finally have this going pretty well (knock on wood) and have a little more free time.

Until it hits $1 or higher I'm not getting even slightly excited.

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