The future Profitabilities Africans Will Gain from One of the Africans Legend, The Artist Akon On Crypto, Building Values On Crypto: Akon City & Akoin Coin

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Hello friends & everybody around, I believe this a great news to share with you. Especially in times of this when we given out our best every bit effort & releasing a lot energy to keep Cryptocurrency growing from strength to strength unabaited & consistely. I think its great opportunity that Cryptocurrency communities would have when we have alot great legends & advotes to push enough resources or not in financial support , at least join our company in order to keep the name "Cryptocurrency" in circulation. For instance if we have about two thousand widespread of legends in different fields distributed for the various Crypto in space, still the funs of those legends will invite additional twenty thousand if each member pulls ten supporters each in Crypto blockchain. In this case we would experience fast growth in the short time in our Cryptocurrency business.

Glory has shone in Africans & even the whole World where Cryptocurrency operates. We've got a big time legend in the Music Artistic field, the Rapper Musician-"Akon " who has built his interest in Cryptocurrency trading. In this respect, the Artist Akon has his great passion & enthusiasm of building a Cryptocurrency City which has been named by himself as "Akon City." His intension is to develop this City in the Crypto field, a vast land of about 2,000 acres gifted by the President of Senegalese upon haven done so many developments for his country. Some of these are offering charity work his country side people. And to Africans, haven embarked on a project called "Akon Lightening Africa," that's buiding solar pannels to support Africans lightening system which has been one of the menances facing Africans.

It has been excited to here that Akon is seriously buildin on Crypto, one of Crypto coin he has launched to build to keep Crypto on the move is "Akoin." It's obvious that when this Crypto becomes transactable, it would mostly trend in Africa where Akon heirs from. Africans are going to be benefited most. Already we have most of African countries that deals with Cryptocurrency businesses either for trading, investing or blogging. The popular Crypto blockchain where various contents are shared for tokens known as "Steem Blockchain" have lots of African Countries operating there; such as Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Libya & Kenya and many other African Countries. We even have @wafrica community in Steem blockchain here which host most African posts we share. I believe if Akon helps to build this Akoin coin his Crypto City, it would help invite many of African Countries to join Cryptocurrency community. This will intent unite most of African interms of trading & strengthens their financial economy that is the most chanllenging factor facing Africa.

In some few hours ago, on Cointelegraph news, Grammy nominated the Legend Artist Akon to launch his Cryptocurrency "Akoin" on "Stellar," one of the best exchanges of Cryptocurrency. If that is the case, Akoin coin will be available on the Crypto market for transactions, & on more note, for swapping for other coins or currencies of choice. We can guess what this will mean for Africans in championing the course of Cryptocurrency expansion. Would this move taken by Akon be a point of having the beat time hosting other similar lengend?, even if not on the Artist field, may be on the different field. Possibly Cryptocurrency is lucky to have those big men advocating its growth, alot of people apppreciating Cryptocurrency businesses & investment as the current business strategy we can grow & have enough for future. Strong multipler of profit for future.

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