Who are your favorite crypto builders?

I'd like to sit back and have your opinion on which initiatives you think are the most interesting/disrupting in the decentralized economy.

Any kind of use case is fair game. I'm only here to learn about projects I might have overlooked or didn't hear about.


Here are three projects I'd recommend looking into:

  • Beachhead: Virtual Reality meets Crypto. VR is, in my opinion, the next logical step in gaming. Beachhead wants to provide this kind of novel experience in gaming but also add a marketplace for all items to be purchasable/sellable in order to build a real marketplace into the game. This really tickles my mind because the gaming community grows everyday and I know for a fact all gamers would like to be able to redeem their game-currencies for real-life currencies. On top of it, one could imagine developers building custom 'worlds' and items into the game which could be accessed for a defined price. Win-win for developers and users, truly a limitless gaming adventure.
    More at: https://www.beachhead.com/

  • Ava Labs: while I am not sure about the exact use-case they are focusing on, the Proof-of-Stake based technology they are building appears to be the real deal. Based on a consensus family introduced by an anonymous group called "Team Rocket" (wink at Satoshi?), the implementation of those protocols demonstrates unmatched numbers when it comes to scalability. It might be worth to mention that their leader, Emin Gun Sirer, introduced the first PoW based currency in 2003. Definitely looking forward to their mainnet launch.
    More at: https://www.avalabs.org/

  • Kava: Defi for Crypto. I have little doubts over their use-case because, if crypto gets the adoption we all foresee, then the ability to collateralize digital assets to get loans is a natural follow-up. That's one more thing banks are kind of failing at, as shown by the rise of crowdfunding, crowdlending and such financial mecanisms. By partnering with networks such as Binance, Ripple and Cosmos, it is my opinion the decentralized economy as a whole will benefit from Kava's network effects.
    More at: https://www.kava.io/

Hope you liked the post and share the projects you like too!

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