TS Engagement Application for SEC Season N°18

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Greetings Steemit Team 👋🏻

It's a humongous pleasure to present the corresponding application for the upcoming season of Steemit Engagement Challenge with the objective to completely interact with everybody in this alive ecosystem and then boost the community growing at the same time. This is obviously a win-win relationship that guarantees a productive one to have the highest success as group dedicated to the travel theme.

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Create a friendly space for a many kind of publications related with trips on awesome urban or natural spots, typical food, cultural expressions and variety of languages that guarantee the enrichment of all those that love to share such topics into the ecosystem of social media. The objective to carry out is making a humongous room to share the corresponding subjects while everyone enjoys a lot by just doing this in TS, Traveling Steem (Reference).

In summary, this can be condensed in the following interesting phrase: "Combining crypto technology with travel experience". That means you can enjoy sharing your trips while you seize all the available benefits of steem resources in this particular Blockchain.

Main interface of TS Community


On the month of August 2023, there was the inauguration for this travel profile, the @travelingsteem, where some of the team members of most recent community with the same topic got agree to create a new space after a whole month of inactivity due to the shutdown of the previous one, but now everything is ready to be officially active as extended invitation to all of active users of Steem Blockchain in order to join and share their own great experiences through a good trip. So far there was a successful first contest, which had a good reception from many people that make life in other active communities.

Traveling Steem profile


There are now seven people completing the group of admins and mods that will be integrating the official Traveling Steem Community Team, so their usernames are:

NameRoleJoiningRep.Steem PowerClub StatusCountry
@ripon0630SR Admin12/20207856.1kCLUB5050Bangladesh
@hotspotitalyTS Manager07/20217229.3kCLUB5050Italy
@dove11TS Mod05/20227425.2kCLUB75India
@kikenexunTS Mod02/2021699.9kCLUB75España
@manisha.jain9TS Mod06/2018723.4kCLUB100Nepal

New members in team of Traveling Steem


With at least 13.405,51 of effective Steem Power (6.905,48 SP on its own and 71.890 as reputation), @Travelingsteem is committed to the 75% Power Up rewards on most of posts and comments. This single method of growing will be guaranteeing a solid and fast development of the official account to carry out with more efficiency the community activities. The three main admins of TS (@ripon0630, @hotspotitaly and @alegnita) are holding the Master Key in order to also authorize any transaction through the Steem Multisig Wizard runned at the @hive-188972 in order to test useful functions. Plus @Dove11, @Benoitblanc, @Kikenexum and @Manisha.jain9 (mods) are having the posting key for curation and posting purposes.

Key details of main curation account


The established system for this important regular task is using parameters to defeat the acts of plagiarism and artificial intelligence tools, moreover of ensuring the exclusivity and originality for the sake of the Blockchain technology for Steem, plus fulfilment of club status. Very relevant is including an engagement comment to invite people being confortable to post here in the travel community. For each aspect we consider the generated checking results coming from:


(Artificial Intelligence).

(Club status).

(CSI and bot free).

• Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash websites, etcétera...
(Copyrighted free images).

General template for checking


This is gonna be the referential article to serve as guide about what to publish in Traveling Steem (TS), although not necessarily must be too strictly to be followed at the specified days, but the idea of protocols will be helping out to maintain a high traffic of authors here in the community, while the several aspects regarding with travel sector are being properly covered by the team with more efficiency during curation journey. So here you are some hints of accepted contents for each day of the week with the same titles as the proposed hashtags ~>

Mondays: #ts-nature

Tuesdays: #ts-urban

Wednesdays: #ts-food

Thursdays: #ts-culture

Fridays: #ts-powerup

Saturdays: #ts-tips

Sundays: #ts-diary

Panel of different protocol items

Also, the basic rules that will ensure a good interaction and development of the community are:

~ Keeping a respectful attitude towards everyone in order to maintain a healthy relationships with active members into the server.

~ Phishing links or something strange related with making easy money and that kind of stuff, they're all totally prohibited.

~ Making sure to use correctly the open channels to share the content you want to be viewed in front of others.

~ Feeling free to ask for help to the admins or mods by any issue in the community group.


This niche of travel is important to take care as much as the healthy performance of creation for good content in the Steemit Blockchain, so there's a pair of open social media for TS in Discord and Telegram in order to help out people to doing it better on markdown styles, improving engagement over posts and comments, encouraging for greater growth through Power Up process and much more. Here's the online spaces for that:

🌐 Discord server | 📨 Telegram group.

Telegram channel for TS group


Travel is something difficult to get rid in some way, it's one of the most important activity to develop the personality and experience of the person that ensures an equilibrated lifestyle based on amazing facts related with relationships over nature, places and even persons with different points of view compared from yours.... That's the essence of a vibrant life based on traveling. Sensation on this is just undescribable.

That's why there were at least a pair of previous travel spaces here in the Blockchain and this new one isn't the exception to have its own presence in the Steemit platform through @travelingsteem, the newest one to develop this niche in order to maintain the spirit of traveling, specially during the performance on the SEC.


Contests previews

Here you are some of the proposed ideas to publish as contests during the event once we happen to be chosen in this opportunity to hold the hosting of the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season number 18:

A. My Trip to a Zoo or Museum.

B. The worst trip that you would like to forget.

C. Traveling and enjoying in couple.


Here you are the Telegram/Discord details of Traveling Steem leads to reach them which are the following details:


That's all by know everybody, you can ask and clarify any doubts you might having on this, so the team will be also opened to improvements and suggestions. Let's go to enjoy the travel experience and have a great performance.

Let's go wherever we want 🌎🌍🌏

Thank You For Your Kind Attention


As a passionate travel enthusiast, I would be absolutely thrilled to participate in the contests hosted by this community. I have a suggestion for the admin: consider encouraging members from diverse countries to showcase the unique beauty of their homelands. This could inspire steemians worldwide to explore and appreciate different cultures and destinations. By promoting this exchange of travel experiences, the community could foster a global network of travelers eager to visit and learn from each other.

I am genuinely excited about the concept behind this community and have just subscribed. I can't wait to dive into the contest posts and see the incredible travel stories and photos shared by fellow members. This initiative has the potential to build a vibrant, supportive space where travel enthusiasts can connect, share, and inspire one another to embark on new adventures.
Dr Huzaifa Naveed

cc: @ripon0630 @dove11

 2 months ago 

Most welcome!

 2 months ago 

Hello there. Thanks a lot for your valuable content of feedback. Of course sharing great spots around the world is such a great theme to be developed into the Steemit community of travel. This can be released in an innovation way because before we launched something similar friend. My best regards and have a happy new week.

 2 months ago 

Community admins and moderators have applied for Season 18 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge. From what I personally know about them, they are very good and sincere. They are doing their best to keep the community moving forward. Also all members deserve and provide all kinds of support going I think Steemit authorities can keep this application in this community. This will benefit the community and all of us, inshallah.

 2 months ago 

Hi friend. I know it's a bit late but thank you so much for sharing your sincere thoughts and best wishes. Hoping you can get the chance to partake in the contests during the season. Regards.

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