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The picture shown above is an indication that joy is my surname. There's no better happiness than seeing other people joyous. I've been spreading joy in various aspects of life though I don't give myself the praise because it's not really worth it. I've spread joy

  • Financially
  • Physically
  • Emotionally and
  • Socially

This would be highlighted in the course of my writeups in this contest. You'll hear someone ask; Any Joy? Implying joy can be given and taken. Brinyg on steemit with friends who I've mentored and attended meetup with is one way I share financial joy. This is an expo. Go through the questions below to see details.

What has made you happy today?

The privileges I have in life has been the greatest source of joy I derive on a daily basis. How? To wake up in the morning safe and sound is the biggest joy one can ever have. You're alive while others are dead. There's no greatest joy than this. Being in a family that loves and provide for you is one thing I'll always be grateful for. The joy of being around people you love can't be explained. I'm also not faced with health challenges and hospitalised.

All these are underserved privileges I enjoy which has made me joyous.


Imagine those deprived of these privileges.! They won't be in the best of mood and they'll always be sad. Also having the opportunity of receiving help from the bible as to how I can solve my problems and challenges faced is one of my greatest joy. To learn about the person responsible for my life and to receive encouragement from his word the bible is nothing comparable to any other joy.


There's this saying that a hungry man is an angry man. This is very true because when you are out of finances, you won't be happy or joyful. You'll always be sad because you don't have what it takes to provide for your needs. Being a member of the steemit platform is one thing and another is showing others such a platform. There's no greater joy financially when you're earning and you see others earning instead of limiting knowledge to yourself.



Without these steemians, I doubt my stay on this platform would be a joyful one because they have contributed maximally to my smiles. Whenever we go for meetups, we spread the love and joy there and in many other occasions.

Do you think that there is more pain or more joy in life?

Personally, I feel there's more pain in life than joy because bad things happen everyday and this is in fulfilment of the prophecy made. We see people die, sick, suffer from one disease to another and even find it hard to live happily on earth. These are major occurrences and bad news do flood the net everyday. The only joy we can derive now is seeing the solutions to our problems and then giving it out if we have. We will continue to face these pains and experience a little joy when we have our way.

Do you normally talk more about your problems or your joys? Can you share with us a moment when you felt that emotion

I can remember a moment where I got to share my joys on Steemit with other steemians. The joy of seeing others smile because you are is the best thing that can ever be done. There's this saying; Rejoice with those who rejoice. I share my joys with others so I can receive commendations, advice and encouragements.

I can remember celebrating my second anniversary on Steemit with my friends. Instead of keeping the joy to myself, I shared and spread it to a lot of people whom I mentored on this platform and they'll forever live to remember whatever joy was spread in their steemit journey.

PXL_20230729_173536084.PORTRAIT.jpgSpreading joy in my anniversary on Steemit
Do you consider yourself a happy person who spreads that beautiful energy to others?

Yes, there's more happiness is giving than there's in receiving. When you spread joy in different forms, you'll forever be happy seeing other people happy. That has been my greatest joy mentoring users on this platform. Most of them have been financially stable while some are still attaining such.


When you take your mind to the fact that he's smiling because you spread the joy of earning on steemit to him, you become happy as well and that's how my financial happiness revolves around. I invite @artist1111, @elider11 and @mkgirl77


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Hello @bossj23 hope you are having a good day yaa amazing to see how much joy you bring to others in so many different ways and you find joy in giving and seeing others happy, which is a beautiful quality.,Thank you for sharing your experiences and spreading positivity on Steemit,wish you success 💖 🤗 🌸 💐 🌺.

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