One Child Thousand Happiness Project'9 Soudais's Story | Uniform for Imaginary Education

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will tell you about the ninth child of our Project. We will show the process and how the children are happy. this will be proof of the scale of the project and the need for support.
First of all, you need to know;

This project belongs to the Steem women's club community and I do not allow anyone to do the same project or similar. This project belongs to us.
1 of the prizes accumulated in the fund account will not be used for personal needs. It will be used entirely for this project and expenses. Since there is no steem in the fund account for now, it was covered from the women's club account

One Child Thousand Happiness Project

come true. Maybe we can be that miracle.
We started for a child as we don't know how to move forward for now.

We continue to realize the dreams of children according to the amounts accumulated in the fund account. Today we have fulfilled the dream of a child whose form we filled out before. Many thanks to @event-horizon who helped with the dream.. please notify the representatives of children who also need help. We need to reach children from every country!

Soudais's sad story and his dream on the forum;

He has one brother. he lives in Pakistan. Hismother works as a maid. In other words, he goes to other houses, meets the needs of the families, does the cleaning, etc. A cleaning mother cannot take all the needs of the house no matter what country conditions are. They haven't had any of their needs for years. It's hard to even say arbitrary food, clothes... They can only meet some of their essential needs. It is impossible for these children to receive a good education with a psychology. Because they don't have a bag or a shoe.....

We reached these children thanks to a teacher. Soudais filled the form;


Soudais wants to be a pilot. But we pray that with this training... What he wants for this project is a uniform, shoes and bag for the beginning of a good education... Life is that simple. A child's happiness can be found in such small things. It is impossible to tell you the joy of making them happy.

After filling the forum, the average prize price was sent. And immediately their request was received.


Shoes, bags, and school uniforms were purchased. It was presented to the child with the Womenclub logo. Maybe her dream come true will change his life.

I am very proud that we started this project. and stay tuned to see and help other kids. Don't forget to add beneficiaries to your post.



You can see her happiness. Another child's dream has come true.. Who in this world can be as innocent as them?

I hope we can fulfill the dream of more children on the Steemit Platform. We will need more funds for this .

I invite all good-hearted people to support this project. ! Please sincerely read this post. Don't you want to make their dreams come true?


@svm038 who started the project and continues its activities


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This is such a good hearted work.

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