One Child Thousand Happiness Project 20 | Miracle Child's Family Help | abandoned by their father

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will tell you about the ninth child of our Project. We will show the process and how the children are happy. this will be proof of the scale of the project and the need for support.
First of all, you need to know;

This project belongs to the Steem women's club community and I do not allow anyone to do the same project or similar. This project belongs to us.
1 of the prizes accumulated in the fund account will not be used for personal needs. It will be used entirely for this project and expenses. Since there is no steem in the fund account for now, it was covered from the women's club account

We found this family thanks to my representative @ngoenyi. We have filled a forum in Miracle before. He lives in Nigeria. 3 Brothers. The situation of the family is exactly what the mother said;


My husband left us a long time ago to stay with another woman. He left me all alone to take care of these 2 kids as we had nothing. We are trying to survive. Life is very difficult and bad for us.
Last year, my husband showed up with his sister and begged me to take him back. I had no choice but to accept. But he stayed for a while and left us again for the other woman and hasn't come back until now. This is the second time I've had this feeling. I never knew I was pregnant with him for the short time he was with us. It was really painful. she used me I can say that I had a hard time surviving with 3 children.
Either way, with the encouragement and help of my neighbors and friends around me, I was able to manage and give birth. But right after, my landlord bothered me about the rent and even increased the rent. The inconvenience was that a friend gave us a small shop/shop where you just met us. He told me to stay for a month so I could find another place to stay. But this is the 3rd month. Couldn't get the money to stay and it's around my neck to go out as the woman wanted to get us out of the shop. You can see for yourself how we are. I'm confused right now, I don't even know a way out.

A mother's words shook us all deeply. Since the rent is a monthly need, it is impossible for them to fix it. Miracle's only dream is a decent house and their needs to survive.


Mom, whose name is Ed, has moved into a new house. Last time, we gave rent assistance to the family. But these aids are limited to a certain extent. The family was paid 6 months' rent. We paid her 3300 NGN and for the door. And they were given cash assistance so that they could start a business and continue their lives.


Later, when we went to see their house, we saw that the doors were not usable. That's why we paid cash to fix the doors as well.

We have provided the opportunity for a family to continue their lives. In this way, the MIRACLE dream will come true.


Some families live in these bad situations. They need all-round help. We want to provide ongoing assistance to the families we choose. We look forward to your support for this.

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Thank you @womenclubcharity for assisting mummy miracle with that huge amount of cash. It is truly helpful. I will visit her soon to see if the door was fixed and if she has started the business. I am glad to be part of the help

Wow!!! This is a great job all thanks to @womenclubchsrity. Seeing a smile on other People's faces after redering them help is a great thing. More strength to the helping hands and may God continue to bless you all.

Que hermosa labor !
Yo intente atraves de una red social apoyar a nuestra gente para comprar el tratamiento para el covid y otras patologias y fue intento fallido . Gracias a Dios siempre logro apoyo de intercambio de medicamentos o donativos y asi he logrado dar la mano amiga a tantos que nos necesitan ..
Por ahi dicen las mujeres salvaremos al mundo indudablemente que asi lo haremos cuentan con mi apoyo . Bendiciones!! Desde Barinas #Venezuela

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