One Child Thousand Happiness Project 11 Mushauwir's Story | He's a boy and his only dream is school supplies

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will tell you about the ninth child of our Project. We will show the process and how the children are happy. this will be proof of the scale of the project and the need for support.
First of all, you need to know;

This project belongs to the Steem women's club community and I do not allow anyone to do the same project or similar. This project belongs to us.

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One Child Thousand Happiness Project

come true. Maybe we can be that miracle.
We started for a child as we don't know how to move forward for now.

We continue to realize the dreams of children according to the amounts accumulated in the fund account. Today we have fulfilled the dream of a child whose form we filled out before. Many thanks to @nadiaturrina who helped with the dream.. please notify the representatives of children who also need help. We need to reach children from every country!

His dream on the forum;


He is still a child. And he is affected by the circumstances of his family. The only dream of these children may be the crayons they do not have. It could be school supplies.

First visit to his home. We saw the environment he lived in. They need help. We bought the dream school supplies. maybe he saw crayons for the first time in his life. and drew pictures with his imagination.


The first step was taken for his education by having a school bag. I hope he will be a useful student for his country in the future. I was very touched by her happiness and the name she showed me on the paper.


Endless thanks to @nadiaturrina who ran to help even though she was sick.We continue to help children in poor economic conditions. Thousands of children are waiting for us in the background.

You can see her happiness. Another child's dream has come true.. Who in this world can be as innocent as them?


I hope we can fulfill the dream of more children on the Steemit Platform. We will need more funds for this .

I invite all good-hearted people to support this project. ! Please sincerely read this post. Don't you want to make their dreams come true?


@svm038 who started the project and continues its activities


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I will do my best for the community and Steemit sis. We are strong together. I will also help each other outside of Steemit with reward that i have


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