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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

We gave the start of our amazing project days ago. So far, we have made dreams come true for 2 children. Due to the price of Steem and the economic difference between countries, we have to wait for the accumulation in the fund account. Although some children's dreams are small, some have dreams that make us all cry.

I always say this.;

But this project belongs to the Steem women club community and I do not allow anyone to do the same or the same. This project belongs to us.

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Charities in Different Countries

Well, don't many charities in different countries want to participate in this project? There are different organizations in each country. Helping and distributing aid. can reach representatives of our community who contact such organizations and wish to help. We think that this project will be very effective. Although it is started for children for now, different aids will be started later as the fund account gets stronger.

One Child Thousand Happiness Project

Every child has different dreams. Some may achieve their dreams, while others wait for a miracle to make their dreams come true. Maybe we will be that miracle.
We only started for a child as we don't know how to proceed for now.
Currently, our two teachers from Turkey;

He will fill out a form for children with poor economic conditions. We will make children's dreams come true.
Maybe these kids will just want a meal, maybe a shoe, maybe a medicine. We will make these dreams come true with the prizes in the fund account.

•Representatives will be discussed and teachers from different countries will be found. Please, users who are teachers, apply to representatives.

• A special form will be filled out for children with bad conditions. Children will write this.

This form is an example. Selected teachers will write in their own language.


•Then we will make dreams come true depending on the desired products. This will depend on the rewards we receive.

The teacher will affix the Steem women club and steemit label and deliver the gift to the child. And the picture will be taken.

All expenses will be turned into invoices.

We will explain in detail for each child.

•It doesn't matter what country it is from. Thousands of children are in line and waiting for us. We use the rewards for children from each country in turn.

womenclub charity account Fund usage

•As you know, we are doing this project through teachers. Sometimes steemit users or not people find children whose economic situation is very bad.

•If the intermediary person has a steemit, the child's request is calculated.

•The reward is credited to that person's account.

•Plans are made according to the needs of the children.

•Reward is sent safely with confidence.

• 1 steem of any reward accumulated in the fund account will not be used for personal needs. It will be used entirely for this project and expenses.

•Or by making a steem withdrawal, the amount is sent to that person.

Many children are waiting for their dreams right now..

Just a few of the forums. I know there is a good heart to help these children on the Steemit Platform. That's why I invite you to this project.
I invite all good-hearted people to support this project. ! Please sincerely read this post. Don't you want to make your dreams come true?


SteemWomen Club Discord :

İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

Charity donation account:@womenclubcharity/p>

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 2 years ago 

This is really a big of help for children. ❤❤

saludos @steemwomenclub solo se pueden postularse los profesores es un buen proyecto felicidades ya que así se puede cumplir muchos sueños de niños de bajos recurso.

Hermoso y excelente proyecto, que Dios bendiga esta gran iniciativa y muchos niños del mundo puedan hacer realidad sus sueños. exitos.

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