My preparation for going out

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Hi everyone, today I decided to show you how I prepare for the city. I don't like to dress too conspicuously, I also don't like to put a lot of make-up on my face. That's my style, and I don't think any girl should put too much makeup on her face, because later the skin will dry out and it will only get worse. Makeup is to make us a more beautiful and attractive person, but it's not us, we hide behind that makeup, instead of showing our true face, for people to see who we are and to see all our virtues and to like us as we are, that's why I don't like to overdo the makeup.


This is what I look like before makeup and grooming. First I choose what I want to wear, which is the hardest part, not only for me but also for the vast majority of women and men. But after an hour of watching and trying it on, I chose this beautiful white sweater that is too soft and comfortable for that evening and combined it with the jeans that were worn by me at the time. I usually dress the way I feel that day, and I try to be in a good mood and feel good every day because if I feel good, others will feel good in my company because spreading positive energy is an incredibly good feeling.


Once I have chosen the combination I move on to makeup. First I put the base over which I will later apply the rest of the makeup. I put on the base to protect my face from makeup that I don't put on much, but also to keep the same makeup on my face for as long as possible and not to spill.



After the base, I apply a powder that is in the shade of my skin. I apply powder to hide all acne and blackheads. But of course, he can never hide all the acne unless you put a lot of powder, which I don't like to do, it's always better for me to see the acne a little than to suffocate my skin with a ton of makeup.


Then I fix my eyebrows. I comb them first, and then I draw them, but nothing excessive, I like that my eyebrows are neat and beautiful and that the most important thing for me is that they look natural.



I like when my cheeks are a little redder, to be in step with spring, I apply blush, again nothing excessive. I gently and gently caress my favorite and one blush brush on my cheeks.


I'm nearing the end, and I'm applying mascara just before the end. My lashes are naturally beautiful and curled, I wouldn't brag, but I love my lashes just the way they are, so I don't put mascara on my lashes, this is empty mascara and there's nothing inside but a brush with which I just comb my lashes to make them look tidier.


I came to the end of my makeup. For the very end, I apply lip gloss, and that’s the only thing that shows that it’s not natural, I love when my lips are more prominent and when they shine. So I adore this lip gloss and I always have it with me wherever I am.


This is the very end of my preparation for going out, I always wash my hair before I go out on the town. I wrap it in a towel, and I keep it wrapped for an hour while I correspond and choose what to wear for the city. When I choose what to wear and when I put on make-up and agree when I am with my friends, I switch to drying my hair. First, I comb my hair nicely so that it doesn't get tangled when I start drying it, and then I switch to drying, which is the end of my preparation.


I wore what I like and what I feel comfortable in, I put on make-up as I always do with make-up and I dried my hair. I put on my sneakers and put on my jacket and head to town.



With love, Sarah❤️


Thanks for showing us how you get ready to meet your friends in town! I hope you had a nice time. You look good and with the little bit of make up and nice outfit I imagine you feel good too! So like you said, you can spread the positive feeling with everyone you are with!

I had a great time with my friends, thanks for the question, I hope I conveyed positive energy to you as well 😀

Yes you did! You're a very positive person and I can feel the energy from you coming through my screen! :D

I'm glad you had a great time with your friends :)

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