Meet my sister Jana

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Let's meet Jana 😊


The person who is very dear to me and whom I love immensely is my sister. In addition to my parents who are great friends, I consider my sister my greatest and most sincere friend. A sister is a special person in my life. It occupies an important and irreplaceable place. The love for her is great and very sincere.


My sister's name is Jana and she is 13 years old. She loves gymnastics and loves to record TikTok videos, which we sometimes record together. She has large brown eyes that shine with goodness. She is my younger sister and someone who brightened my childhood. Very beautiful. However, in addition to being beautiful on the outside, Jana is also beautiful on the inside. She is a very noble and good person. She has many virtues that I love very much about her. She is honest and reasonable, and she can be a great support and support. She is always well-meaning and careful. She is my sincere friend. She always says what he thinks and tries to help me in every situation. When I’m sad, she’s there to share the sadness with me. She is there to comfort and make me happy. And when I'm happy, she's even happier. That is why her feelings and love are completely sincere.


She always makes me laugh easily because she has interesting and funny stories. It is always full of some new ideas and it is never boring. She is there for me at all times. She can support me and believe in me. Because whatever I do, her presence and help are important to me. She knows how much her words mean to me and that is why she tries to always be right. Even when I make mistakes sometimes, I always hear her criticism. But I know that this criticism is completely sincere and well-intentioned. It always helps me find the right solution. My sister is someone who is always there for me. That's why I always try to reciprocate.


Our love is great and sincere. That's why I get sad when I see that she is sad. When she cries, I wipe away her tears and put a smile back on her face. When she needs help, I'm always there. However, most of all, I like it when I see that she is smiling and happy. I love when a glow comes out of her eyes and when she sincerely rejoices. That is the most beautiful thing that makes me happy with her. I also know that she feels it all and that she is completely honest.

Sometimes it happens that we quarrel. Sometimes we get mad at each other for no reason. We can make each other sad sometimes. However, it passes quickly. We always understand that no quarrel can last long for us. That’s because we need each other. That’s because we love being with each other. Simply, our moments and love are much more important than all disagreements. Besides, these are always some meaningless quarrels, which is why they last so short. It is important for us to finally apologize to each other and reconcile. That is why we try to always get along well and to avoid quarrels and anger.


My childhood was forever enhanced by her presence. There are countless memories that the two of us have. Most of all we loved our games and jokes. As children, we were able to spend the whole day playing and never having enough. For us, the day always passed quickly and we eagerly awaited new ones. Of all our memories, our most celebrated is our celebrated birthdays, New Year’s, and Christmas holidays. For birthdays, we have been making beautiful gifts and surprises for a long time. Even today, we try to make those days more beautiful with a single gift. Our memories are numerous and very interesting. We are always happy to retell them and laugh. We even remember some memories from our earliest childhood. However, we like it best when mom or dad tell us that. There are many beautiful and funny events and things that my sister and I experienced together.


Besides all the people, she is someone who has always and everywhere been with me. That is why this time is special for us. So it is today. I can't imagine a day without her smile, without her jokes and stories. Now we like the moments when we talk the most when we joke when we understand each other. I often know what she thinks and feels even though she doesn't tell me. This is because we spend a lot of time together and because we are so close.


My sister is my true and sincere friend. She is my support. Time with her is the most beautiful thing for me. A sister is someone very special and that is why love for her cannot be measured.


With love, Sarah❤️

 4 months ago 

Hello Beautiful @sarakey how beautiful your sister and you too. Nice to meet Jana maybe you should invite her to crew her own account.

Thank you very much, she is really beautiful, I tried to persuade her but she doesn't want to

 4 months ago 

May your friendship last until old age. I love reading your story @sarakey

 4 months ago 

You are welcome

 4 months ago 

You are welcome my dear sister

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