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Asalam o alaikum

Hy steemians hope you are healthy and good in your respective lifes, here i am posting in @steemwomenclub where they organized an amazing challenge to share your memories with your friends, family and partners and activities you liked to perform with them. I will share my memory with my friends becuase everyone spent most of time with family and friends also having a different bond with everyone, but friends circle is also very unique and special where we also discussed our feelings and share our memories with them.

So its going to be very interesting because many times i share routine and activities with my family but now lets share a short memory with my friends you will surely like it.


Activity with my friends

Well i have many friends among them three are my closest friends and i mentioned them almost every time in my daily diary they are raza and zeeshan. Our friendship is from college time we used to study at same college, since we spent half of our day with eachother, also we played same sports as you know football at same club. Mainly our bonding made strong because of football and we play so much that we ain't took pictures yet. But we have a good memories and activities when we go for outing.


The picture below is recently we had a get together which i mentioned in my previous post for culinary fields. So here had a meetup and we are foodie peoples we first eat burger labs burger than we went for gossips at one degree drinking the fresh limca over there were many flavours yet we tried almost all the flavours. Also we had a debate on football matches, we are also planning to watch UCL final.



Here we went to crispy bites its my friend hotel situated at kayuma baad, he invested for the first time taking a good step in bussines yet its Karachi and foods clothes are very general yet people are earning a good income by opening these cafe and hotel, well we went to give him positive reviews. Held our gathering also sustained also we enjoyed our day too.


This image raza suddenly came to my house he was so hungry we went at pizza max well they opened mid night deals so we went, held our we spent our good memory along by eating and talking.

This how we spent our short memories together enjoying playing and eating. We also decided to visit different restaurants in karachi and make a video on them. Since this our memory is created by eating pizza 🍕.


My firend hammad also a member of steemit he also opened a restaurant invited us to eat and had a talk, since we three always went and spent eating activity together since we moved towards his hotel enjoy and having a good time with eachother held hammad is also my college mate we also had a good time but our tri bonding is more strong and full of love .

Yet we spent and eat every new vibes with eachother and contribute every time but its our rule😅 that only one person will give the bill and two of will be the guest haha.

These were the eating activity which we had spent many times nit many but every time. Also we used to play together mainly me and zeeshan because raza is living at johar he inly meets with us in club matches.

So previous Ramdan we played cricket footsul alot, some of the vibes and pictures i took you can see we all are waiting for team members and to start playing cricket 🏏.


Held we also used to play football at same club and share our memories in just game we don't have much pictures but have only one picture which can illustrate all my feelings you can see.


Here we have a match its a friendly match and we win against them, we have a good team yet me raza and zeeshan also play at same team having a good interaction with eachother but you know now a days me and zeeshan only plays together we some times missed raza alot he used to play brilliant football and a good defender of our team.

Some times Zeeshan and me also went for shooting and controlling there we make a video i will share with you guys you can see how beautiful moments that was.


W asalam brother your bonding seems very strong may Allah give you more bless life to enjoy with your friends.

Ma sha ALLAH brother its true that friends are rare blessing of Allah, may you have more beautiful days with your friends

W asalam salem thanks for tagging me in sha Allah our friendship will be more strong in future the way you and zeeshan met with me take away all my stress and anxiety. Alhamdulilah blessed to have you in my life

Ma sha Allah salem i know raza and zeeshan are your best friend yet we also having good relationship because of football, also you take a good shot keep it up brother.

W asalam brother, well your friendship is very beautiful the way you guys spent and share activities with eachother and mainly football brings love and affection with eachother.

Hy @salemumar5 well you made very amazing post by encouraging friendship may Allah keep your friends always with you and its seems good that you are engage in playing football.

Time spent with friends is priceless especially when you share the same interests. When activities like eating out, sports, and games are done with friends then the enjoyment doubles. It was such a genuine publication full of friendship goals - a delight to read.

Thank you for participating in the challenge. As you know, it's an engagement challenge, therefore, I recommend you to interact with other participants on their posts. This will also increase the visibility of your posts as well.

Good Luck!

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