My introduction to steemwomen club || how I prepared my delicious Okra soup

Greetings to you my dear fellow women in steemwomen club I hope you are all doing great and I am good too , am so happy to be among you all in steemwomen club I am preciousgift am from imo state and I got married here in akwa ibom state ,I live in akwa ibom with my husband .am a trained nurse and I work in de choice pharmacy uyo.
I love leaning new things


I will like to share with you my beautiful ladies how I make my local soup called okra delicious okra soup which my family so much like it and they enjoyed it , so I said let me share it with my beautiful ladies , I joined steemit last month and am enjoying it so much it is i
ndeed a training

My ingredients

Stuck fish (kporoko)
Goat meat (Anu ewu )
Cray fish
Uzuza leave
Red oil and


Step 1,
parboil my meat

Step 2
cut my okra

Step 3
cut the uzuza leave

Step 4
fried the okra

Step 5
pour my boiled meat inside the fried okra

Step 6
I put the Maggi

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9
I put my uzuza leave and stale it I little the bring it down



Step 10
Is ready to eat

Am so happy to be here among you and I will like to lean more from you all

Thank you all for your warm welcome. We are truly strong together


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