The Seven Solutions For Those Who Can't Join #Club5050 and #Club75 So They Can Join As Soon As Possible

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This post was made to answer some of the complaints from our friends in Steemit in joining club5050. They complain because they don't have the Steem to power up again so they can join club5050. And almost all communities require Steemit users to join club5050 to get votes from boom accounts, whereas they cannot join club5050.


So, how can you join club5050 as soon as possible for those who don't have Steem to power up? Below, I will mention 6 of my version solutions for those who have not been able to join #club5050 so they can join as soon as possible. Hopefully, this post can be an answer to the complaints of friends on Steemit.


1. Buying Steem from external market

It is the easiest solution to do. And generally, the Steemian do power-ups again by purchasing Steem on the market exchange, then sending it to a Steemit account so that they can join this club5050.


2. Buying Steem manually from your friends

All of us have friends on Steemit. Our friends on Steemit are very loyal and generous. You can meet friends, then buy Steem manually and send it to your account. Then, do a power-up with the amount of Steem you bought from your friend.

3. Actively giving the votes to the other Steemians

Be active in various communities. Then, you will be known more by other Steemians. Keep in touch often in their posts and vote. They don't look at the votes you cast, They look at your help in the struggle to build one another's accounts.


4. Actively participate in the contest

Almost all communities hold contests. To get information about the contests that are in progress and will end, you can see it on the post @disconnect

5. Borrowing Steem from Steemian friends

If you don't have the money to buy Steem on the market exchange or buy manually from a Steemit user, you can borrow Steem from a Steemian friend. Then you return it after you have a certain amount of Steem.

6. Delegate and get rewards

If you have a lot of Steem power, delegate it to the community. Then you will get Steem as a gift from your delegate. Two months ago, I delegated 500 SP to @siz.official. Then, They give me a gift from the delegation about 5 Steem.


7. Take courses organized by the Steemit team.

For those of you who understand the crypto world, you can join the Steemit crypto academy. Every week, @steemitblog announces the latest courses. Here, you are very likely to get votes from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02. Make the great post and get the great !

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, you will able to join the club as soon as possible. Thanks to Steemcurator01 who always support us as.

Written With love by a kind dolphin,


thanks, nice work

This is an amazing post. Well said @nadiaturrina

 3 years ago 

I try to solve their problem dear sister
Hopefully, they can join #club5050 soon.

Sangat bagus penjelasannya
Saya juga ingin bergabung dengan club5050

 3 years ago 

Terimakasih @syawalkoki
Semoga bisa bergabung dalam waktu cepat


This was helpful, i now no what to do in order to join #club5050 to het support

 3 years ago 

I am glad to hear that. You can take one of it as your solution

Already working on it ma'am
Thanks for the idea

Good tips you gave. For now I'll try to join contests and see how that goes.

 3 years ago 

Good luck @xiao-aine
We are glad to hear that and proud of you

Thank you ma'am. :)

 3 years ago 

Thank you for this @nadiaturrina really it's been a bothersome situation

 3 years ago 

Hopefully, you will find the best way, my dear sister

This 6 tips to joining the clubs was Soo helpful I must say, I have got the idea on what to do now in order to become a member of #club5050 to acquire a big support...

Thanks Ma.

 3 years ago 

I am glad to hear that
Let's share this post to make the other know too

Great jod sis ;)

These points are really helpful @nadiaturrina I'm going to dive right into them. With love 💖

 3 years ago 

I am glad to hear that dear sister

Gracias por las sugerencias amiga, éxito y saludos.

 3 years ago 

You are welcome

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