The Diary Game :My Journey in Steemit by @mrs.cuyag

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Hello again my beautiful steemians friend's
How are you all doing ? How's the life here in steemit ? Some of us are maybe a newbie and might be asking and praying for the day that our dearest friend steemit will noticed our existence. You might have doubted and losing hope nor you are jealous to our co-steemians , we have the same feeling you are not alone . Stay posting dont think negative the right time will come just continue posting .

As a newbie here is my way to express my gratitude to our wonderful platform 😊


So today i will tell you guys my story nor journey in my steemit life .
It just pop-up in my mind , i want to post my journey .

I had lots of post in different community like, STEEM FOOD's ,STOCKPHOTO AND STEEMWOMEN CLUB and even STEEMING COMMUNITY ,etc.

I will take screenshot of some of my post

I am also posting in steeming community and become a steemingzen . This is my first post in this community and im still hoping that my dearest friend steemit will notice me . Cross finger 😁


I did some post in stockphoto .But my cross finger did not work 😔 i only got 0.08 votes , but i am still not giving up , maybe it was not yet my turn to be noticed .My fighting spirit is still 100%


And of course the steem food , i only had one post here only my intruduction ,just like in stockphoto i'm still not lucky to be noticed . But maybe in my futured post here my cross finger will work .


My fighting spirit still up so i still post in steemwomen club my first try is this , but still did not work .


So i try another post still not luck i only got 0.03 vote .


Again i post with cross finger ,hoping that it will work this time .

So i did my routine everyday , i go to my work i did not open my steemit account because at that time my hope and fighting spirit is almost gone .

So after work , when i am already got home my mother told me to open my cellphone so i thought that time is my loan in PAG-IBIG so i check it and i was so happy because my thought was right . So i was in cloud 9 at that time .
My happiness at that time is still not yet over because my husband came and told me to check my steemit account so i was confuse why of a sudden he told me that . He really insist to open it so i did what he said and wow my two eye's is shining like a diamond , i got 36.04 vote . It was my first time to be notice by our dearest friend steemit .
Thank you so much my dearest friend steemit .


That all for now , to those still hoping please dont lose hope .Your turn will come soon .

Love lots ,

I just want to thank mam @svm038 and @nadiaturrina of @steemwomenclub for there unending support.

#betterlife #thediarygame #philippines #steemit #steemexclusive #steemwomenclub


Congrats mam :)

 3 years ago 

Thank you

 3 years ago 

We have to support each other my dear sister. I am glad to see your spirit on steemit. Let's spread our possitive mind to the other Steemians.

Here is our Newest contest

If you have any problem or you don't understand about our latest contest, you can ask one of us @steemwomensclub @nadiaturrina

We will answer with heart ❤❤❤
Come on, participate. Big reward is waiting for you there.😊

 3 years ago 

Thank you maam @nadiaturrina

 3 years ago 

Thank you maam @nadiaturrina

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