Pom Pom Rescue Fine Motor Development Activity for Toddlers

Hello again,

Need a quick & simple activity? This one is not unique but it’s a popular one for a reason.
It doesn’t take long to set up and is GREAT for developing fine motor skills. Goodness, I love watching their little hands work!

My toddler loves to play with pom poms and also, he loves transferring items from one bowl to another. SO one day I decided to add a twist to it!


For this activity, all you need to do is place the pom poms in a tray/bowl/box and put on some rope (or rubber bands) over it.

Just make sure you don't put on too many ropes (rubber bands) - you want to ensure your toddler has the space to put his hands through and take the pom poms out . Present the tray to your little ones and let them know that their pom poms are trapped and they need to rescue them.


I love how this activity promotes the use of those all-important fine motor skills. It also helps promote problem solving, concentration, patience and hand eye coordination!

And the most important, it is FUN!!

For older toddlers, you can make this activity a little more challenging by introducing spoons,
or other grabbing utensils. They'll have to use this items and rescue the pom poms this way and not with their hands.


We used a muffin tray cause I thought it is more fun, but you can use a regular tray/bowl. In the end you can also sort the pom poms by colors, like we did.


In my next posts, I will write about fine motor skills and what exactly are they and why are they important!

If you try some of our activities,let me know how it worked for u!


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