For Moms who want to start Early Education on Children - Learning Activity for Toddlers

Hello everyone!

Many of you know I'm blogging about food, nutrition and health. But.... being a mom, my priorities have changed and my time is so limited. I will continue to write food and natural medicine posts, but also, you'll find in my feed homeschooling related articles and educational activities I make home with my boy.

I started educating my son at the early age of one. He is very responsive, active and implicated in the activities we make.

He is a happy toddler, eager to learn new things. He is good at math, logical thinking and has a fabulous memory!


Did you know that kids have something called ABSORBENT MIND?

According to the American Montessori Society, the absorbent mind is from birth through approximately age of six, the young child experiences a period of intense mental activity that allows the child to” absorb” learning from his or her environment without conscious effort, naturally and spontaneously. [source of definition here]

In other words, young children learn faster and without any efforts. They just need the right resources, your time and your patience as a parent or a teacher. Observe your kid, try to understand what he likes and try to include different activities that arouse his interests.

Things I've learned on the way:

Never start learning activities at home with a toddler that is sleepy, hungry, irritated or sick. They won't cooperate.

Try to have an organized space, with few or no distractions at all.

Focus and concentration is so limitated at this age and you need them not to be distracted by some other things like toys, animals, sounds etc.

I found morning is our best time of the day to learn new things.

Routine is very important for young kids. Try to keep them in their daily routine and always explain to them what you'll do next.

Our learning activity


This a Sorting Color Activity, meaning he has to sort those little colored blocks and put them in the egg box, by color.

It's an easy activity, you can try it with your kid by the age of 15 months, maybe earlier. It depends on the children. We made it when my boy was 1y and 8months.

It's easy to prepare and you only need markers and an egg box. If you dont have little blocks, you can try with buttons or flowers or whatever you have around. Or you can simply use the scissors and cut some colored paper.



Quikly, I made this learning sheet, used for sorting colors too. You can try it this way if you dont have an empty egg box. You can write down the numbers and make some simple math exercises.


I will write about the importance of sorting in my next posts.

Thank you for reading, Women & Moms


 last year 

My baby is 16 months. I tried this kind of activity with her but I don't think she understands the colours yet. Your baby is brilliant! Thanks for sharing with us.

Much love to you and your son.


Thanks for commenting! :x:X

Well, it's time for your baby to learn colors, dont worry. It really depends on the kid.
My son knows te colors since he was 1 yr. I read a lot to him. He loves books.

I will be posting our learning at home activitites. You can follow us and share with us your work and feedback.
Much love for you too.

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