SteemWomen Club Engagement Contest (Week 2)| This Year Holiday Travel Plans | Qatar Football worldcup

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Hello and asslam waliekum
how are you all

so, this is my first ever post in this community. i am happy to participate in this contest becuase this topic is very close to my heart.


People who knows me know that how much i love traveling. My friends are true wanderers and they will not leave you sit idle. They will force you to go with them even you ate busy.
We stayed in camps, hotels and even slept in vehicles.


i have travelled to nothern side of Pakistan and other parts of Pakistan too.

2022 has been very hectic year for me because of competitive exam preparations.
Being an explorer, this year i have plan to visit Qatar to watch football worldcup.
despite of being very busy, this year i wanted to watch Lionel Messi playing for his country.

images (4).jpeg
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As Messi is getting older and this might be his last worldcup so i want to see him in the stadium for the last time.
Qatar has recently constructed state of the art stadiums which will be a treat for the eyes.

images (3).jpeg
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Despite of stadiums, qatar has so many travel destinations and the entire world's tourists visit qatar to witness the architectural work of the qatar.

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picture source
This is only opportunity i see because qatar has friendly relations with Pakistan. secondly, i have many friends there and they said that you will live with us till your stay and i think living with them will lower my finances. thirdly, pakistan and qatar have agreement over visa on arrival for three months so i think there will be no visa problem for me. The only issue is the airfare which might be high due to oil prices.
i am a student and students do not have sufficient income to support themselves for such trips. i have started collecting pennies to visit and fullfil my dream.
i use to talk to my family over this dream of minex they initially rejected the idea but i am enforcing them to allow me to fulfill my dream otherwise i would have to regret it my entire life. i have garnered few thousands however, it will take time to finance the budget but i have dreamt for it and i will fulfill it inshaAllah. ***my hope from steemit platform is that if i get enough upvotes then it will bring ease to me in collecting money.


qatar is a travel destination for many tourists across countries and this visit to qatar will be life changing journey inshaAllah.


i am inviting my fellows @janemorane and @faizanwrites to participate in this contest.
i am also inviting my new friend @nsisong99 whom i have followed recently on steemit platform, to participate in this contest.
thank you.



I really like the plans that you have mentioned in the post I really want to visit all the Middle Eastern countries because they’re amazing and when it comes to Qatar I have heard a lot of good things about that country and as you mention the football World Cup that will be a great idea I hope that I manage to visit Qatar when the World Cup time

Reddit Boy keep it up

Thank you dear. Your comments are always very insightful!!

I appreciate your plan, good luck!

Thank you so much!!

 7 months ago 

Your travel plan dear friend is amazing..

You want to travel to qatar for the word cup and to see your favourite player..i just imagine how happy you would be to have your dreams come true.

Great work..steemon

Dear friend just pray for me so that i can fullfil my dream. Btw, thank you so much for commenting

 7 months ago 

You are welcome..

Just be hopeful about your dreams, they will come true

I really wish Qatar was possible for me. But I hope to watch the world cup from home. I'm sure you'll have so much fun. I wish you a safe and fun filled stay. Thanks for inviting me to join the contest. Below is the link to my entry.
I deeply appreciate our friendship. Who know, we could get to watch the world cup at Qatar together. As the saying goes: where there's a will there's a way.

Thank you for taking part in the challenge. Don't forget to interact with other contest participants by commenting and upvoting their posts.

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