Mother's Day Special | May 9, 2021

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Hello world. Today, I am proud to present to you how I spend my mother's day with the mothers around me.


I am who I am and where I am now because of her. She is my mother. She is not perfect, but perfectly give her love to me and to my siblings with @jufranketchup She raised us with love even we lack of material things. She takes care of us everyday from breakfast to midnight snacks. She is always there when we're sick. I love her because she loves me more.


She is my grandmother. I thank her so much because she raised my mother so well and she's one of the reason why I am who I am today. She may be imperfect but I have learned many lesson in life with her endless love.

I also consider my aunties @sweetspicy and @georgie84 as my mother because they are also there while I am growing from a little kid to a beautiful woman. Even today, they are looking after my present life and looking forward for my future.
Today, we had a small gathering at home.
Due to some restrictions, we prefer to celebrate it at home together with the whole family and our steemit family.


Blessings that we received from God through the steemit community help us to be united in a celebration like this. A family of steemit, celebrates with us this mother's day.


Thank you so much for this contest, wherein I am able to show the world the mothers who raised me. I am looking forward to hear comments from you about my post.

I invite my friend @jaofran and my brother @jufranketchup to share their experience this mother's day.


Sincerely yours,

 3 years ago 

Happy mothers day nila tanan mam

 3 years ago 

thank you mam @kyrie1234

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