Steem Women Club Contest #18 Healthy Homemade Drink Recipe | 21-28 May | BIG AWARDS [ "LAMAW" OR BUKO LAMAW IS VISAYAN's FAMOUS HEALTHY DRINK

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A desert and at the same time a famous health drink for Filipino's especially the Visayan's is what we call "LAMAW".
"Lamaw" in other terms it's like to slope or to swill.


Good evening fellow strong and beautiful women who are still wide awake out there. This is me again @jenny018 making a new content for the contest and I hope you'll take time to drop by.

Today I'll be sharing you the most easiest and fastest way to prepare the famous drinks of "bisdak". This is often prepared mostly in the mountainous areas where coconut trees are bountiful and are farmers traditional drink in rural areas when farmers are in their fields.
Anyways we will make our own version of "Lamaw" since my children are very excited to taste it so let's do the process but before that here's the Ingredients.






FIRST, put the grated young coconut in a container.

SECONDLY, add the condensed milk for a sweeter and yummier taste.

THIRDLY, add the cracked ice cubes for the cooling effect.

LASTLY, pour the coconut water in your preferred container and then mixed all the ingredients for a better taste.


Well that's all done now ready to served and have a taste test by my children. They're all excited to taste it. You can see it in these pictures that they are loving the healthy drink that I prepared for them.




Aside from being a thirst quencher for "Lamaw" there are also several good benefits on drinking coconut water you can read all those great things that are beneficial in drinking coconut water.


8 Science-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Water

  • Good Source of Several Nutrients.
  • May Have Antioxidant Properties.
  • May Have Benefits Against Diabetes.
  • May Help Prevent Kidney Stones.
  • May Support Heart Health.
  • May Reduce Blood Pressure.
  • Beneficial After Prolonged Exercise.
  • Delicious Source of Hydration

To sum it all, coconut water is a delicious, nutritious and natural beverage that’s extremely good for you.


It has good benefits to your heart, blood sugar, kidney health and more.

That would be all for today, have a great night beautiful women and don't stay up too late. Anyway I would like to invite my friends @hae-ra, @aziel29, @fruityapple00, @saneunji and @sweetcn to take part on the contest.


Lalah @jenny018

 2 years ago 

Great recipe my dear sister
Thank you for participating in our newest

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for acknowledging my entry.

Congratulations on securing the third place. Keep producing quality content.

Kind Regards,

 2 years ago 

Oh my heart! So happy and overwhelmed. Thank you so much for rewarding my hardwork. Really appreciate it.

Hermosos niños. Y muy deliciosa tu bebida. La intentare en casa. Felicidades.

 2 years ago (edited)

Thank you so much dear. Do try this at home it's really easy to make and healthy too.

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