Chain of Goodness Event: Helping a Vendor to Buy Food for the Day

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I believe that every mother would do everything to give the best of life to her children. If she can't give the best at least doing good by feeding them 3 meals in a day.


I grew up with a mother whose business is by making delicacies every day and would sell it to the neighborhood or other barangay in our city so she can buy food for the family.

That's why I have the heart for this vendor who sells banana cue, potato cue, spring rolls and others every day along our place. By seeing this woman every day I could feel how she works for her family.


Yesterday I got the chance to talk to her and was able to learn about her life. She is 32 years old and have 7 children. Her husband is a laborer that is also a low income job.

She got married at age 16 and didn't finish high school. Her way of helping the family's income is through selling delicacy every day. In the morning she starts at 9 in the morning while around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Her hard work is very inspiring for us because I could see her sacrifices so she could put food on the table.


She said that she's going to do everything in good to give her children a better life even though it seems hard for them this time. She continues doing her business every day and is able to sell anything that she can earn to buy food and needs for the family.

She's an example of hard work and love for her family. Willingness to do everything for her loved ones.

Hopefully soon we can go back to our feeding and grocery giving as of this time me and my husband are struggling and doing a lot of adjustment to serve our family better especially our baby steemian, Evangeline

I hope her story inspires us all that in helping our family and raising our children should come from hard work (in good ways) and not just from using and hurting other people to support our needs.



 2 months ago 

Thanks for doing goodness dear. I will do the same thing too. You inspired me sis.

I am glad I'm able to inspire people by helping any small help towards people working hard for their needs. Thank you very much sis!❤️

 2 months ago 

A person with a kind heart, thats you mam georgie. God bless

Thank you ma'am @kyrie1234. God bless you too!❤️