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Hi energetic and active women on the Steemit platform, previously I have promoted various travel activities. One of them is visiting one of the contemporary destinations in Birueun district, Aceh Province, Indonesia. At that time, my friends and I visited "YF Reborn Caffe and Resto", a place that became one of the trending tourist destinations among millennial youth and various circles of society.


So today I visited again there, but this time I chose a different place than before. On this visit I chose Best Camp Caffe and Resto which is also unique and has a slightly classic design. This time we just traveled alone, I went on vacation with my partner. He is @bangmimi who faithfully accompanies my visits to these tourist destinations in the Bireuen area, Aceh Province, Indonesia.


I was very curious about the unique interior and exterior design of the Best Camp Caffe and Resto, at first I only caught a glimpse when I passed this place several times while visiting there, a few days before I also saw posts from people via Instagram or social media. I think this place has a slightly different attraction from other places, Sehun, I intend to visit and promote the beauty and uniqueness of this Best Camp Caffe and Resto.


We got there in the late afternoon, so @bangmimi and I tried to quickly take some photo documentation. I think the atmosphere in the afternoon will be a little brighter than when taking photo documentation at night. On this occasion, we also took some photo documentation together, in this case I asked the willingness of one of the employees who worked there. So there are some of the best documentation results that can be promoted on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also on the Steemit platform.


The atmosphere of Best Camp Caffe and Resto is unique, almost 70% of the area and yard are used as a place to relax with a large outdoor background. Only 30% of the area is used as a bar, cooking area, employee room and cashier. Some of them are used as a place to relax with a classic Caffe background, then decorated with yellow lights so that the atmosphere is more classical. Around the Outdoor Caffe and Resto page, there are several photo spots specially designed to attract the attention of many visitors.


One of them is the Triangle house building which functions as a prayer room or place of worship for Muslims. Seen from afar this building is so majestic and luxurious, besides that, there are also many photo spots which are also decorated with yellowish lights. We really enjoyed the atmosphere at Best Camp Caffe and Resto, we took a position in the middle so we could take documentation from various angles. I highly recommend to friends, especially those in Aceh Province, to visit and relax at this Best Camp Caffe and Resto. I think this is one of the most unique tourist destinations and makes visitors comfortable to relax.


Not only relaxing, we also ask for food and drink orders. We ordered two different types of drinks, such as Vanilla Squash and also Honey Squash. For food, we both asked for an order menu for Mie Ayam Pangsit, we relaxed there until 09:00 WIB. Then we immediately paid the menu for food and drink orders to the cashier, we paid for food and drink orders for IDR 68,000. Equal to 19.5 STEEM or 1.5 SBD in today's estimated STEEM or SBD price. After we paid for a number of orders, we will immediately return to Lhokseumawe City, which is about 57.3 KM from Birueun Regency.


So for that, this publication is my exclusive publication about Lifestyle: Food and Travel that I share in the SteemWomen Club community. Hopefully it can motivate all of my friends to be more active and able to maintain consistency on the Steemit platform. It's nice to share experiences with energetic and active female friends on the Steemit platform. With so many active Steemit users, we all hope that the Steem ecosystem will get better and more stable. Look forward to my next exclusive publication, I thank you for your attention "Thank you all", Assalamu'alaikum..

Best Regards,
Fitri Afifa - Indonesia
Wish you to be the best


Wow.. Very interesting publication @fitriafifa, amazing for your work today

Thank you for your time and togetherness, it's a pleasure to travel and relax with you. Stay motivated and continue to do your best on the Steemit platform. Steem On!

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Terima kasih bg atas pujiannya.
Sama-sama bg senang juga bisa ditemani.
Salam 🙏

 2 years ago 
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Terima kasih kak atas dukungannya🤗

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Terima kasih atas dukungannya pada postingan saya kali ini🙏

 2 years ago 

Keren2 di sana cafe nya ya dek.. cuma rasa makanan nya yang kurang pas di lidah kk 😅🤭🤭

 2 years ago 

Hhe iya kak tempatnya cantik. Wah selera kak tinggi seperti nya ya🤭

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