Simple Health Tips For A Healthy Life

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As ladies and women, our bodies are the most delicate and as such, need greater attention and care. As they say, no one is an island, my day to day interaction with different ladies from all areas of life work has opened my eyes and boosted my knowledge most especially on some things I do not know which concerns the body part of the women and so today, I would be sharing with us simple and few tips that can help us in our daily living and save us from unaware and unwanted illness.


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  • While growing up, I never saw the need or knew that it is important that we change our underwear or undergarment once a day which is not healthy for our vagina and that is because we sweat, and most times discharge which accumulates in our underwear.

  • In our bid to get our size, let's try as much as possible not to go for underwear that is too tight because it can cause irritation or infection

  • In as much as we want to get something fancy and beautiful for our underwear or undergarments, we should go for those that are cotton. They are a good choice because it gives space for air to flow.

  • We should try as much as possible not to wear just one pair of underwear till the next day if we can't change our underwear more than once a day.

  • Because of the excessive sweat we get during our workout, it is advisable that we change our shorts after a workout as soon as possible because sweat can cause infection to that delicate part of ours.

  • I remember making mention of trying as much as possible never to go to bed without changing or perhaps removing our underwear before going to sleep every day and now, I am saying this, if we can't keep the rules of changing underwear more than once a day, then going to bed pant free at night will do one very good or if you can't do without that, then get loose pajamas that wouldn't have to tight you up and not give some space to that body part.

  • We all want to smell good but it is not a good idea to wash our underwear with an unscented and strong detergent.

  • Always remember and never forget to replace your underwear for at least six to one year.

  • Be conscious of eating vegetables and fruits

  • Reduce or avoid the intake of alcohol

  • Never sleep with a tight bra; you know, there were times I usually sleep with my bra but now I consciously remove my bra before sleeping no matter the time.

  • Nowadays, we have so many canned foods everywhere because we are trying to relieve ourselves of some stress but it would be advised that we should try as much as possible to reduce our intake of canned foods.

  • Reduce stress and have enough rest, no matter how busy you are, always find time to rest because it helps calm your body and put you in perfect shape.

  • I am sure many of us ladies are a fan of fries but it is also advisable we reduce our intake of fried food.

  • Don't forget to always do your self-breast examination every month and perhaps examine yourself and your health to see where you can take a break, stop something you are not doing or change how you are doing a particular thing to help yourself.

  • Don't go for a tight bra, they stop the inflow of blood.

  • I don't know how true this is, but I am writing this, for those of us who have care or aspire to get our own soon, never drink bottled water that has been in the car, and has gotten heated.

Thank you all for going through my post

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Interesting and educating post.
It will help a lot of ladies.
I use cotton underwears any day any time.
That's my choice.

Thanks for sharing

You are indeed right. Thank you for commenting.

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Thanks so much for sharing, this tip with us it help.

Thank you

Your post is very educative, we need to take care of ourselves. Thanks for sharing

You are indeed right, we need to take care of ourselves because our body needs it.

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this is a really interesting content. very helpful. keep it up...

Thank you.

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