DRAMA ALERT: The Milky Memo Crybully

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If you are voting for @themarkymark as a witness you probably woke up today to a fun little memo as I did:

Screen Shot 20200211 at 5.26.46 PM.png

How exciting! Threats, extortion, downvotes!

This memo most likely scared some people who have no idea what's going on and would prefer to keep out of the drama but I was proud to see some fun replies rolling in to his wallet:

Screen Shot 20200211 at 5.32.17 PM.png

You can read them all here: https://steemitwallet.com/@themilkymark/transfers

A few people have come in to discord to ask what's going on although there's actually less hysteria than I expected :D

Ultimately who you vote for is up to you!

Personally I think it's pretty despicable to be extorted over a witness vote with threats of downvotes and many others do too. The more people stand up to this bullying the more those downvotes will be spread thin, as a unified group we can be stronger.

I'm excited to see what kind of wrath will fall upon the steem chain after these 24 hours are up, but for now I suggest having some popcorn and enjoying the show :)


His SP is delegation leased too. I wonder how much it'll take before his delegators end their leases early. I suspect not a lot.

and just for a month, will be interesting to see how much money they want to pour into this renting more SP!


This is the best (harmless drama we've had in a while)


I was surprised there are no posts in this community, we must do better! Maybe the bull run will liven things up!

Who cares about @themilkymark, I wanna know what did you take that got your eyes dilated like that! ;) Perhaps banana peels?

lol! Yes banana peels and oregano :p

The memes and laughs this generated is awesome.

can't wait to see what tomorrow brings but I have a feeling it'll be a lot of nothing :D

Oh thanks.. haven't checked the memo yet. But now I can spend that 0.001 steem with glee

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

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LOL send me all the dust you want, my wallet can handle it all

people really notice those? i feel that i miss most of them, but i don't get them that much.

I have alerts turned on for Gina bot so I get updates on any money transfers. If I didn't I probably wouldn't even notice either tbh!

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i do have notifications on Gina to, but then my usage of discord is so bad that i end up ignoring them to :). i miss mentions, but new steempeak is adding that in the notifications so it will help.


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Ohhhhh I like that tag — CryBully! Like a genetically engi-nerd hybrid of some kind.