My First #BeerSaturday Post

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I've been looking forward to contributing to this community for a while now, and I figured tonight was as good as night as any to share a beer I'm currently trying this evening.

Tonight's beer is Toppling Goliath's Sun Reaper. Officially, it is a double New England style IPA. The ABV is a solid 7.8% and carries a 50 IBU profile. The brewery's description is as such:


Untappd is showing it to have an overall rating of 4.13 out of 5 points. Not bad.


To be honest, I love Toppling Goliath. Ever since my first encounter with Zeelander and Pseudo Sue 8 years ago, I've been a fan of this Iowa brewery. Yet this one...I'm not sure about. It's good; don't get me wrong, but of their other double IPAs, I think this one is a bit too "passion fruit" and not enough hop forward enough for my taste. Not that I know anything, but I'd give this beer a 3.75. Next time, I'd most certainly opt for King Sue instead. Plus, their is an off, lingering after taste that I can't quite pin down...


Despite my thoughts, I'd definitely recommend this one who does have a palette for more passion fruit; and I'd absolutely recommend Toppling Goliath to anyone who loves beer (especially the NE IPA style).

Happy Saturday to everyone out there! Thanks for checking this out; my goal is to post each Saturday a new beer I'm able to pick up. And let me know if you have tried this beer before!


whoooot, welcome to our beery family of BEERlovers.

Sometimes this fruity beers work well, as long as they are not to sweet. Just my 5 cent to this.

Great to have you joined this week

Thanks so much - looking forward to the community!

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Arghh, Passionfruit tasting hops, sometimes they work, sometimes that are a bit overpowering and send you into weird off fruit juice territory

Oh and welcome to #beersaturday - post a link of your post in the main post here: and you should get some more people checking this out.

Thanks for the info!

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