Cheers To Friends

in Steem Ghana3 months ago


Cheers to friendship,
Cheers to us.
Cheers to our relationship,
And to we the passengers of this bus.

Cheers to happiness
Cheers to our imminent care.
Cheers to our laughing nest,
Where within there is no fear.

Cheers to the memories,
Both in verses and chapters.
Cheers to the sanity,
We felt and live with after.

Cheers to our being,
Cheers to God the King.
Cheers touchy more beginning,
From now till everlasting.

Cheers to steem,
Cheers to the bright side of life
Cheers to update
From now till tomorrow steem liveth.

Cheers to steemians
Cheers to the dreams we achieve here
Cheers to inspiration
For the best way to live is to be happy.

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