Contest!!! Contest!!! Contest!!! How do you explain terms or jargons on the blockchain to your fellow steemian and how will you help them to acquaint themselves with it and use them appropriately in their steem life @titi7

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I'm very happy to be part of this wonderful contest. Hope you are all doing well.
In this article, I will be talking about jargon and how they can be used here on steemit.



Steemit is a blockchain itself, consisting of communities which produces revenue to it's members in a form of a cryptocurrency called steem.
A blockchain is simply a routine or system of recorded transactions in a form of cryptocurrency, which are secure and unchangeable; in others words, difficult to hack.

Now that the above are understood, let's talk about jargon.



Jargon are termologies, used by groups, professions or organisations to represent or talk about technical things. Jargon are mostly not understood by outsider; but are well know within the groups or organizations.

Below are some highlighted jargons on this Blockchain, their meanings and how they can be be use.


Jargons explanation and how they are used

  • Upvote


Upvote is what every steemian desires on this blockchain. An upvote is simply what we all know as 'like' on social medias; such as face book , Instagram and twitter. On facebook, it is the thumbs up sign, on twitter and Instagram, it is the red heart sign, and on steemit, it is the upward green arrow sign located at the bottom left corner of articles. When an individual upvotes on a post, unlike on facebook or Instagram, the upvoted post is rewards with steemit dollars. The amount an individual get from upvotes depends on the Steem power of the voter.

How upvotes are used

Upvotes are used when individuals or steemians are in support of a post.
Also, creative and well organized articles attracts upvotes. So, I urge my fellow steemians to try their best to always make their articles attractive and well organized.


Down vote

download (1)_1.pngsource

A down vote is just the direct opposite of an upvote. It is the downward red arrow sign beside the upvote. A down vote reduces reputations of individuals. So, i urge my fellow steemians to post quality and independent articles.

The use of down vote

A down vote is used when an individual is unsatisfied with an post.


  • Steem


Steem is the revenue or currency of this blockchain.It is what all steemians are rewarded with, after contributions are made to the blockchain.

How steem is used

Steem can be traded externally ( traded for different currencies). Steem can also be use for power ups, which makes an individual interact on this blockchain. That is, it gives steemians the opportunity to vote, comment and also edit their posts . Steem can be transfered anytime and anywhere on this blockchain. Transactions are mostly made when contests are held.This serves as a motivation to winners and participants.


  • Power up

In the above statements, i made mention of power ups. Let's see what power ups mean .
A Power up is simply converting steem into steem power/stake.

The use of power up

A Power up is what keeps all steemians active and able to interact on this blockchain. Without power ups, nothing can be done or earned here. The jargon below will enlighten us on power ups.


  • Steem power

Steem power (Sp) is what we obtain after powering up.
Steem power is simply a home-grown or internal currency which can't be directly traded on external exchanges (traded for different currencies). Steem power determines the amount of influence an individual has on this blockchain (vote power, comments, curation and so on). When steem is being converted to steem power, it means, that individual has staked his or her steem; in other words , has invested in his / her steem.

How steem power works

When you gain steem power( sp), you can use your daily allotted votes and comments on posts, and in return, you will be rewarded some steem power, steem, and SBD. The more your steem power, the more your rewards.
Also, steem power can be used for delegations, which is, lending or borrowing steemians your steem power to improve their influence on this blockchain. Not only users, but delegations can also be made to communities and vice versal


  • Steem dollar (SBD)

Although steem is the main currency on this blockchain, however, steem dollar (SBD) is an important currency which can be traded internally and externally just like steem. SDB is obtained at the end of every payout day of an article or post.

How steem dollars are used

Steem dollars can be traded for steem on the blockchain's internal market. Externally, steem dollars can be traded for other currencies .This can be done on exchanges such as Bittrex , Upbit, and HitBTC.

Also, steem dollars can be transfered to any user at any time on the blockchain, and are sometimes used as awards in contests.


  • Resteem

Resteem is more like share or retweet on our normal social medias. So, if you want to share a post, all you have to do is click on the resteem button/sign. It is the curved like arrow located beneath the upvote sign. When you resteem a post or an article, it moves to your blog,making it possible for your followers and other steemians to see or get access to


  • Blog

Blog on steemit is simply a page which contains shared or resteemed articles.


  • Newbies

newbies are refered to people who are new on this blockchain. Mostly, newbies luck experience, and we steemians should try and bring up articles or contests like this, to make their stay here a successful one. I also encourage newbies to get superiors or mentors to guide them.


I thank @juzkid and @oppongk for this wonderful contest.

Thank you


Thanks for taking part in this contest. My pleasure 😃


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I love your impute towards this contest.

Thanks very much 🙏🏼

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You have depicted knowledge of this contest. In fact you have done great.

Best of luck to you.


Thanks very much 🙏🏼

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