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Their Steemit Community, Steem Ghana Team and Everyone in Steem Ecosystem, we greet you all! The love, fun and freedom in Steem continue to grow strongly every now and then. We know with the current constant motion of Steem by this time round, we are all happy and it's our prayer that if we keep our commitment and consistency we will definitely reach the highest altitude.

It has been about a month now since we share our updates with our teams and funs. By then we are keeping our close eyes on all Steemians here and checking our the various posts dropping in the Community. Thanks to Our Team supporters in Steem; @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for the various rewards for our members.

We have had many recruits and retention with many posting daily. What is very important is to keep the good content that come to steemit site for the content consumers. The value of contest posted to Steem blocks is very Paramount. They should be more of useful tools to others who may need them. Steem still remain the blogging Dapp among the Crypto environment and that name should be maintained. A site the produce quality and credible contents and at the same time rewarding the Authors for their efforts leveraging on the platform.

It's against this backdrop that we should from time to time revisit some of the guidelines for writing, the skills for writing, the use of markdown and presentation of work.

We are therefore much particular on "the Diary Game in Steem and My Town in Ten Pics," since these two areas are the major initiatives many Steemians have enrolled themselves. As @steemitblog defines the Diary game, it's becoming our better life activities we do always.

Despite the fact that there are no strict rules given to the Diary Game players, we believe that if the Diarist wants to get more rewards and attention from Steem Curators we must do the good work right from the Title to the conclusion.

To flashback the old rules:

  • The Diarist must write not less than 400 words

  • The Diarist must uplaod not more than 8 maximum pics

  • The Diarist must use captions on pics where necessary

  • The Diarist must use #diarygame among the first five tags plus #thecountryname.

Among the above were some of the rules listed for the Diarists to follow, but now those guidance, most of them have ruled out and becoming optional for the Diarists.

However, we see most of the beautiful things we can still do to make our work very appealing to the readers.

Tips for Writing Good Diary Game Posts:

1 The Title should be "The Diary Game: The Date you took the activities plus your own words, maybe "Attending wedding ceremony."

2.Though the number of pictures use in the Diary game post are now optional; no minimum or maximum. But to expect more reward, the pictures must be more that one. One pic for Diary Game cannot fetch you must reward.

3.Always try as much as possible to leave captions under each pic, where needed to give details of what the pic represent or its location.

Now, what3words tools has become useful for Steem making the writing of "My Town in 10 pics" very easily to upload. We can use the link of the location for your pics where necessary and applicable.

4.Try to arrange your work very well, from the introduction to the conclusion. A situation whereby pics are found at one side while words are also found on one side make the content unpleasant to read. The works must be properly arranged in such a way that what you say correspond and follows the each other(pics & activities)

5.Try to include facts, creativity and details of what you are writing. Make sure to edit your content before posting to Steemit platform.

6.t is very good to use markdown at your editor page when writing your diarygame.

7.Use more than one tags in your diarygame post, where #diarygame and #yourcountryname must be inclusive in the first five tags.

8.If you are writing "my town in 10 pics, make sure to include #mytown10pics as the first five tags.

9.**Many are fond not to use #what3words app for your posts on "my town in 10 pics, please make sure to download the app from play store and begin to use it. **

I hope you would find these tutorials useful for your Journey in the Diary Game and My Town in 10 Pics.

Thanks to all, Steemit Team!



We really like What3Words locations on My Town in 10 Pics posts.

 3 months ago 

We will guide our Newcomers about how to use what3words tool for making "my town in 10 pics post." Thanks for stressing on this point Sir?

Our pleasure 😁!

 3 months ago 

It is quite simple and easy to use, most of our newcomers find it very easy to understand.

Many thanks steemit team.

Please are the above instructions only for when writing about #mytown in 10 pics???

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Thanks for the updates. We will comply with all these rules.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for the delineation

 3 months ago 

Even though it takes time but they surely will get used to eat. Great job

Even though it takes
Time but they surely will get
Used to eat. Great job

                 - mcsamm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

hope the app is also available on apple store

I downloaded what3words but i cant use it to attach location on phone...it only showing me sticker on the photo..
Pls how can i use it perfectly

Thank you for the update