Updates : Some Good Things You Have To Know About #Club5050 : "Be In Active Part In A Community; Get 3× The Reward of What You Use to Powerup!"

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The #Club5050 initiative is becoming more interesting with many Steemians getting support from @steemcurator01. Steem is taking shape and better than before, hence we need to fix ourselves well in this club5050 initiative.

Just Be In Active Community & Follow the Gist of Club5050 Initiative

From now on, irrespective of whether your Community is selected or not once that you support club5050 initiative, you can get support. So, club5050 is replacing Community for the month Support program and I see this to be good Initiative from @steemitblog. It's therefore very imperative for Newbies and everyone to be alert taking this initiative very serious to build power, one of the effective and wise way to invest in Steem Blockchain.

Steemians are wondering why they are powering up, yet are not getting attention of Upvote from the Curators. Yes, far as you post does not guarantee you to always get up votes. First of all, you need to balance all your power ups with all your transfers in one (1) month ultimatum/intervals, that is to say from the previous month to day. Secondly, you need to be consistent and engage Steem Community, by writing daily, commenting and upvoting. You also need to share quality content. Quality here means a lot in Steem Blockchain; from your title, words organisation, grammar, post arrangement, quality pictures, the length of post and the use of Markdowns all have to be taken into consideration.

Yes, though you have powered up alright and deserve the club5050 support, but your post must speak for itself, I mean it must follow with some great work effort to attract the attention of curators to score.

Get About 3× Rewards from what you used to power up

I heard many Newbies and even some Minnows complaining about how often would they get support if they give up their best with club5050 initiative. I tell them this is brilliant initiative if we all do it whole heatedly. I have seen most most Newbies getting 3× their rewards they used to power up. For instance, if you are Newbie and you used your little Steem earnings as low as 20 Steem power up within the week and you are lucky to get upvoted with 65 worth of 15 SBD and 25 SP; is means you will be getting around 190 Steem. 50% on this figure is 95 Steem which is even 3× more that what you used to power up.

One is likely to be at advantage position if you are lucky to be supported once within every week or two. We need to strictly follow all the protocols of club5050 qualification in order to be supported. Let's all work harder so that we would never miss the rewards. Thanks for your attention Team!

This post was compiled by @oppongk - CR, Ghana!

 2 years ago 

Sure this is key, Let's fellow the protocols and definitely we will be awarded by the team. It is always good to be consistent in doing that.

Club5050 is the best way to improve and make our curation rewards more bigger.

 2 years ago 

well noted, thanks for sharing with us

 2 years ago 

That is very true, thanks for sharing.

Good advice for us all❤️👏

 2 years ago 

thanks for expanding this further..#club5050 is truly a great initiative

 2 years ago 

Thank you for the enlightenment! You are best!

I appreciate your great work in Great Community Steem Ghana. I really Impressed your Hardworking Style.
Keep it up Sir. God bless you in every field in happy life.

Regards! @arslanaj

I would like to thank for guiding us. This is the best way to improve the gole.
Regards @cryptokethor

Keep up the good work...

Hello sire, pls I have made the necessary balances that made me an active #club5050 member, but still I was told by @steemcurator02 that my cryptoacademy post can’t be upvoted due to that fact that I have not followed the #club5050 principles. I don’t know where I went wrong. please can you explain for me.

Below is the post

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