Enjoy Your Life With Steem #Club5050 Initiative: Steem-Ghana Reaching 20K Steem Power. Our Way To Double Dolphin 🐬 Soon🔥🌟

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Ladies & Gentlemen!

Enjoy your life with club5050 initiative. Steem - Ghana has now reached 20K Steem power. This is also a good time to announce to you that we will soon reach Double Dolphin 🐬 and join #ClubDolphin. We want to encourage all members to keep active and support club5050, club75 and club100 as it is one of the alternative of building Steem power. We must cherish it as Newbies, Planktons, Dolphins, Orca and smaller Communities with small Steem power.


Our guidelines for the usage of 20K Steem power

Even though all would be supported with this 20K Steem power with our daily curation, but much Upvote would be given to our members who have delegated to the community account and those who support #Club5050, #Club75 & #Club100 initiative. This is because must all support build our individual Steem power so that in future we wouldn't be over depended while having no Steem power to also support the Newbies who would be recruited. We entreat all to be on lookout for any update from Steem-Ghana and Steemitblog so that we don't miss our any changes or good news we would be updating you as we move on as a community.

Our daily top 5 posts Selecttion & Curation reports

Already, there our top 5 daily posts selection is ongoing. Remember that to be part in this selection, you have to be supporting club5050 and produce quality content as well. We aren't bias on our selection, we are anticipating that everyone would be captured in as much as we fall within these parameters. So try to share good content and partake in the ongoing club5050 initiative. We are planning to compile either 3 days or weekly report to help everyone know how effectively @steem-ghana Account is supporting its members.

Delegation To Steem-Ghana Account

We still encourage members to delegate to Steem Ghana Account. So far, Delegation SP is around 10,200Sp while the the Community own Power is closely 10,000Sp. We feel that if that many members have Steem power of which they have not delegated. We still advise members to delegate to our Community. What we have noticed is that as many of these members holding power, yet they do not Upvote at all or do not Upvote effective. In this case, the power go waste since power which aren't utilize effective doesn't bring any profit or value to the Steem economy. So, it's advisable donate more to our account for Curation. If we are able to put our power together, we can grow and support everyone in the community.

Contests & Community Engagement

Please, Contests are booming every week. Many rewards are distributed to participants who join. Let's mention that, those who are able to come out with good contests and supporting club5050 are rewarded by Steemcurator01. It's one of the way we are engaging Community members. To become a winner of Steem Ghana contests, you need to obey all the rules or guidelines normally spell out in the contests. So take note of the important ingredients for every contests.

Again, far as you are a member of Steem - Ghana or post through Steem Ghana Community, a lot are expected from you. Being part in the Community does not only mean posting, but you must also comment, give feedbacks and upvote others posts as well. Don't post your content and leave while not commenting and upvoting at least 5 Steemians post a day. If we all work together, our Community would be strong and invite others to join. Steem Ghana is generous to rewards everyone who post through the community, irrespective of the Country you come from. So, let's all support to develop the community.

Our Support for members through Guest Post to Steem-Ghana

This project has taken place for about 6months ago. This is a situation where we allow good writers to write good post from different fields, mostly Steem promo, crypto, Motivation or what is going on in our society that we can leave and get some value from. The posts are given to Country Reps at their private chat to verify to know that it fit the content for our Community Account to share on Steem Blockchain. The posts are shared using Steem Ghana Account. After the payout, the SBD is shared at 50% between the Author and Steem Ghana Account. This has been helping members too to grow their power. The rationale behind this project is to support members to build power especially when they get support from the 50% shared SBD. It's also to allow members to contribute their ideas to improve team work.

We entreat members to come onboard to DM the Reps if they like this idea and would like to participate. The content should be nice and devoid of plagiarism. We want more of steem promo or Steem related or crypto related topics. Even though one can also choose to write any other topics.

This post was compiled by @oppongk - CR, Ghana.

Thanks for your attention!


I appreciate your update sir..nice job keep it up

 2 years ago 

This is clear and the contents are too optimistic. Thank you to you. You are doing a great job.


You doing a great job Sir. keep it up and best then best for every field.
God bless you.

Regards! @arslanaj

Thanks for the infor and will be delegating to the community soon

 2 years ago 

thanks for the update really appreciate

This is a wonderful update thank you for that

 2 years ago 

We appreciate you for the update and we look forward to @steem-ghana supported as community of the month in the month of December

Thank you for the update,we really appreciate.

 2 years ago 

steemghana has always at the concern of its members growth

 2 years ago 

Great work by all members, let's keep working hard.

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