ATTENTION DEAR COMMUNITY! Be Sure To Use The Tag: #ghana Among The First 5 Tags!!

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Greetings Dear members of @Steem-Ghana! We would like to bring the attention to all members in the Community, one of the important #tags that we shouldn't forget to include in the writing of our post is #ghana.


This is one of the official tags that identifies as a country and it was mentioned earlier by @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 the need to use in most posts and posts that is exclusive to Steem. How relevant is this tag [#ghana] to all? In case we belong to different countries sharing to a specific Community on a specific area, it helps curators to identify the specific country the post is coming from.

Our effective Curation May Depend on the use of #ghana tag

For the attention of all members, both New Members and old, make sure to use #ghana among the first 5 Tags if you want to receive upvotes from @steem-ghana account and @steemcurator04 account. I think it will also be helpful for @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and @boomings Curation as well.

We are putting this modality simply because Curators often find it very difficult track posts to reward, especially if you want to be sure which country is Author located. Again, the inclusion of the hashtag like #steemexclusive is very vital for post which are exclusively for Steem. So, post like the Diary Game, My Town in Ten pics, Promo-Steem and Post for CryptoAcademy be sure to include #steemexclusive among the first 5 Tags.

Your post will miss out upvote if you don't use #ghana among the first 5 Tags. Note, posts are only seen in the first 5 Tags and this means that tags from 6 to 7 used in Community posts would not be seen, hence posts are seen in the first 5 Tags. We cannot stress ourselves looking for individuals at their blogs since Steem Blockchain is a vast platform with many Communities and millions of Steem users.

Even in Ghana Community, we are more than 100, getting closely to 200. Then, let's consider the entire Steem Blockchain if you are searching individual Steem user and you don't know or have forgotten his Steem username.

If that is the case, we urge all members to support this modality by promoting our Newcomers we have recruited to succumb to this rules. In case any of us forget, let's help and bring him/her to the right direction.

We all encourage ourselves to help each other for our work to be very easy. Thanks to All!

This post was compiled by @oppongk - CR for Ghana.




Well noted CR, will follow as instructed. Thank you for the awareness

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Our pleasure 😃

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Is a relevant information CR

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Yes, very important!

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Noted with thanks

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Thanks for understanding!


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Our pleasure 😃

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Our pleasure 😃

Alright CR. Thank you for your update

Ghana for life

Noted! I won't any if the tags you have emphasised when writing my post

well noted with thanks