Disability is NOT Inability by @skonadu

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Hello family,

Today's post is targeted at disabled individuals in our communities. Everyone, one way or the other can be faced with deformity, and therefore we all have a weight on our shoulders to help our friends and families with disabilities through these tough times of their lives.


No one would love to be born restricted or to meet situations that causes deformity but those are the secrets of life and cannot be scraped from the earth so we all have a part to play in providing help or our time to every individual faced with this challenge to promote their self-image or to help them accept their current situation and look forward to their future plans.

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Measures to help reduce deformities in children which can affect their abilities are:

  • Expecting mothers should visit the hospital regularly and avoid

  1. smoking

  1. alcoholic beverages

  1. the use of illegal drugs or medications etc

  • Drivers should follow all road signs and laws since road accidents are one major cause of increased disabilities.

You and I have the obligation to preach to our families and friends living with deformities. Make a time.


Thanks for visiting my post



This is so inspiring and God bless you for it

Thank you and thanks for visiting my post

Thanks inspirational bro...thanks

You welcome

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