I Support Club5050: I Powered Up 50% Of My Earnings, #club5050

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Greetings everyone,

In some few days ago we saw an update from the steemit blog about #club5050 and in their post their made it clear that they will be looking to give more support to people who power up 50% of their liquid earnings or preferably any amount you sent an exchange you should power up the same amount or more of that steem.

The communities of the month support for next month is up and applications are trooping in and whiles communities are making preparations to make their applications and putting in steps in place others are also trying their possible best to join in the campaign #club5050. This initiative is great for increasing one’s steem power and influence you have on the platform. You don’t only increase your steem power but you also increase the curation rewards you get upon voting on someone’s post.

And one other thing is that we shouldn’t just be holding the huge amount of steem power without voting on others post, this is waste of steem power so we should try and vote on others post. Voting on at least 20 post a day won’t be bad cause in 24 hours your voting power will charge back up.

Now I wouldn’t just show my support for the #club5050 but I will also be powering up some steem to show full support for the campaign as a member of the steem Ghana team.

Before power up


After power up

I have started and I have joined the campaign already but I just taught of informing the members of the community and to invite my fellow teams members. Remember to always use the #club5050 when making a post after joining the club #club5050.


Thank you.

 3 years ago 

I must commend your commitment even as I call on all to also commit to this challenge, it is for our own grown and good and support and I glad you have taken the initiative

Thank you very much. Yes you are right it will help us all.

 3 years ago 

Thanks for the mention.
I'm joining it ASAP!

This is a very great initiative. At the early stages we wouldn’t see it’s benefits but with time we will surely realized it’s worth.

 3 years ago (edited)

Yes this is true and what we should all focus on right now is building steem power on this platform to increase the influence we have.

This is good initiative to help everyone build power. The Club5050 initiative is going to benefit the Steem Ghana Community if we all support. We therefore entreat Everyone to support.

Thanks for reminding us.

Thank you😊

 3 years ago (edited)

#club5050, welldone for powering up

 3 years ago 

this is really a good course in the right direction

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