Potential Solutions To Our Pressing Challenges In Ghana - Corruption

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Hello everyone,

Our country has blessed with numerous advantages ahead of many of our other african brethren including gifts such as abundant fertile lands, major mineral ore bodies, favorable weather conditions, and many more. With this, you would think that it is just a matter of time before we become one of the greatest countries to ever exist. But this is not the case.

Due to the greediness of those at the very top, people down below are starving and only scraping by. The ones in power are only focused on amassing as much wealth as possible to last a dozen lifetimes while completely neglecting the interest of the very people they vowed to serve.



This has sparked the inception of a very serious wheel in our economy where people tend to abuse the very least opportunity or position they lay their eyes on. Sometimes, it is not by choice but it's done simply out of fear of losing their job or livelihood.

For quite a long time, some group of journalists dubbed "Anas Aremeyaw Ana" have been coming out with various exposés in an attempt to deal with it. Once a few videos are aired and people in charge are fired, the situation tends to die down a bit until another tyrant fills this vacancy.

This is why there is a believe that this breed of corruption cannot be vanquished in our society. It has become sort of a plague that needs another swamp of specialists to deal with it.



For this reason, I believe we can only get rid of corruption if we seek to employ individuals from foreign nations with a great anti-corruption pedigree to oversee and apprehend corrupt individuals. This could be in the form of a special task force that require rigorous training to be recruited.

I don't think that committee should comprise of any ghanaian since we have seen multiple people in law enforcement being exposed as defaulters of the same law they vowed to uphold.

This is the way forward and the time to act is now! Thank you.

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Our major problem in Ghana is corruption. Every sector of the country dwell on corruption being health , transport , education and many other more. These have impede the development of the country and slowly making the economy weak with high inflation. Great write up, your suggestions are novel. Everything is on point. Thank you for sharing friend


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