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Life is a puzzle we need to learn how to arrange. It always seems impossible to settle out but when we try our best, we can make it possible. Life is lived with principles. These principles serve as the joints of life. When you can, live within these four principles, then life with others will be lovely. When it is, success then follows everywhere.

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The first of these principles is being impeccable with words. Never speak harshly to anyone. We all have things we are going through. You never know when the person you are talking to is going through a hard time. always voice out great pleasant words to keep us living. Always motivating is a great skill because not everyone will tell you they need it. but when you do, they appreciate you and that brings productivity to him and the world at large.

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Our hearts are there to love. taking things personally will only damage your personality. People turn to act in a way that isn’t their personality. when you let someone change you that negatively, you suffer in your life, not theirs. Never let anyone change you to be a bad person. Live your life, stay true to those who stay true, and forget those who hate on you. One day, you will make those hommies proud of you. Never take life personally. Life isn’t independent. We depend on so many things and you never know what that thing is until the need arises.

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The third is staying real and never assuming anything in life. Many lose their friends and loved ones because they never dared to ask what was happening in the other personas' life. Never make your assumptions about someone's life. Life hits us at different times that we might act differently. Go closer to know what’s wrong and give them the support when they need it. That’s what hommes does. Never assume a life for someone. Nothing is predictable in life. Until you are told, never assume you know.

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A better version of yourself is the ultimate best. Always put in your best and when you lose you know it worth was worth trying. Never give life the chance to tell you, you could have done better. Always stand to your toes, push harder to use your ability to the ultimate best. Never let anyone undermine you. Use the powerful mind you have to always do your best. Lose with dignity than fail with pride.

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These are the four dots of life I wish to share today. Stay active, keep pushing to make yourself, your family, and hommies proud.
Thanks for passing by!

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 2 months ago 

Waoow! You have shared great words. You need not speak anyhow. Success follow you😄♥️

@juzkid loves you

 2 months ago 

Thank you 🤗

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