The diarygame: 14Th June,2021-My Monday Activities.

in Steem Ghanalast month

Monday is a working day of workers with vim because they have rested over the weekends .
Again it happens to be the begining of listing of structurs per the PHC 2021 thus population and housing cencus.
And as part of the team,i need to report to school before i go and start the work.
So i hurriedly prepare and went to when i got there ,some of the students were fixing their braking chairs so as a teacher i ask them to bring it out of the class so that i can work on it for them.

Afterwards,i snap selina and sarfowaa who was worrying me to snap them pic.
When o was done they send it inside .
From there classes began and after my lesson ,i seek permission from my head and i went to take data on the census ecercise.