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Greetings everyone,

I found myself in the streets of Buoho today on my way to visit the design shop I have been working with. It is situated on the fist floor of a building across the streets so you can easily see the Buoho main road from here. Being a weekend, I didn't expect the streets to be this busy but there seemed to be numerous cars and people on the road.


Streets view from the first floor

Unfortunately, they were not around and had gone to church. I then passed through the Buoho market to get some items and the place also seemed quite busy as well. This was not very characteristic of a weekend, especially Sunday. But I think it was mainly because various schools are reopening and people are buying their needed items.


Walking through the Buoho Market

It was still early morning and I hadn't taken breakfast yet so I bought some waakye from Autie Muni here. This is one of the most popular waakye sellers in the area since people like her and tend to patronize her waakye more often than not. I don't normally take waakye in the morning but I was certainly glad I did today.


Bought some waakye from Antie Muni here

It was a Sunday so I went back home to watch a movie which I had recently heard about title "Mortal Kombat". It is an new movie and I learnt it was quite an interesting one so I made plans to watch it. I therefore tuned in to my laptop and watched it.

I remember playing its game as a kid and I always enjoyed playing with the various characters available. It really reminded me of that feeling. All my favorite characters from the game such as Liu Kang, Jax, Sonya and Scorpion were all there which made it even more enjoyable.

I really recommend this movie for everyone out there.


Watching Mortal Kombat at home

Thank you for your attention.

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Mortal Kombat, well maybe i would give it a try but is not really my genre

I'm sure you'll like it regardless :)

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