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Greetings everyone,

Today I went to the O.A station parcel office in order to send back @farhmade's t-shirts which he asked me to work on after they were done. I like O.A because their services are good and they ensure security of your item by making sure that the package get to the right recipient. I can't say this for all other stations out there since I have had my package misplaced by a station before, without any proper excuse.

I therefore wrapped the package and provided the details of the receiver before I left home.



Package to be delivered to @farhmade

I then left to the central market where I was able to get a candoo to take me straight there.


Heading towards the station in this candoo

It was a few minutes ride but I finally arrived at the O. A station. Upon arrival, I went straight towards the parcel office. There were people there so I had to wait my turn. It was finally my turn so they checked my package and charged 15 cedis for the cost of delivery.



At the parcel office making payment for the delivery

I received a receipt afterwards for the package I sent for security purposes. I then gave @farhmade a call to alert him that his t-shirts was arriving tomorrow morning so he should be ready to receive them.


Receipt for the t-shirts delivery

I had to eat something at this point so I bought a drink from this vendor with some meat pie. It was a quick meal after which I left the station.


Got something to eat here

Thank you for your attention.

 last year 

Thank you very much CR for the fast working on my T-Shirts, I can’t wait to receive them and Distribute it freely to the new bies I recruited in this great platform

It was a pleasure buddy.

Keep up the good work :)

 last year 

Keep the good work moving 🤝

Thank you.

 last year 

Great day it was for you.

 last year 

Working is CR is not really easy, well done for promoting community growth this way

Good morning @njaywan, although am not from Ghana but I love Participating in power up Contest.

I saw that your last power up Contest result has been announced I want to know when will the next one commence?

Thank you for you time, I await your swiftly reply

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