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Greetings everyone,

Sometimes after joining steemit, newcomers do not fully understand how to properly navigate the steemit ecosystem and therefore tend to result into certain acts that may not help them grow effectively. This is usually because the person that introduced them failed to either render proper guidance, doesn't check up on them or the newbie is independent on the platform. Either way, these acts are likely to hinder smooth growth and an effective blogging experience on the platform.


The general misconception newbies tend to have is that when you post in a high earning/trending community with great rewards, your posts will also earn quite a lot there. This leads them into posting into such communities even if it is dominated by users who understand a different language than theirs. As times, they go to the extent of translating their content to match that of the community in hopes of getting the attention of their curators.

But in reality, these things simply don't work and might have some consequeces than you thought. This is because;

  • Your translated post might be portraying a different message than you intended.
  • The community might be created for just a selected few.
  • It won't fetch you any rewards since your post would not be attended to.
  • You cannot build good connections on steemit with this act.
  • It is an act of deception since your audience might think you truly understand their tongue.


Another thing to bear in mind is that steemit is a place where we connect with each other just like any social media. As a newbie, you are advised to identify a good community with strong leadership in order to post your content. This is because if you are fond of just posting to your blog, it will most likely not be seen since you have little or no followers as a newcomer.

You should therefore take your time to explore communities in order to find ones that align with your interest. Then subscribe to join these communities.


Subscribe to your communities of interest

Now, simply visit the community you would like to post in and click post as seen below.


Click to post within the community

You can cross-check whether or not the post will fall within the community by looking at the top of the editor in the post to community session.


But if it says posting to @yourusername's blog, post will only be visible to your followers and might not receive any attention.

Benefits of posting to communities;

  • You identify users with similar interest and interact with each other.
  • Admins are able to provide assistance to their members.
  • You can take part in various contests within these communities and earn rewards too.
  • It encourages you to stay active since you constantly get ideas from others.


Steemit is all about proof of brain (PoB) which simply means that you must write your own articles and where you borrow an image or idea from an external source, be sure to cite it. Without this, post is said to be plagiarized or contains copyright-abuse.

Achievement 3 contains in-depth information regarding this matter informing you about the act of plagiarism and how to refrain from it.

Also, for copyright free images, you should visit any of the following sites.

And to properly cite your source, simply follow the format below beneath your image or reference.

[source](put the link here)


Upon visiting various posts coming from our newbies, I have observed that some of our newbies are not making use of the right tags especially our country tag (#ghana). Alongside vital tags such as #thediarygame and #betterlife as used in The Diary Game posts, or #mytown10pics plus #location tag as used in My Town In Ten Pics posts, be sure to add our country tag (#ghana) in your posts as well.

The essence of these tags is that once we click on the #ghana tag or search for it (https://steemit.com/created/ghana), we can find all posts from the ghanaian origin.


Posts coming from the ghanaian origin using #ghana tag

This allows us country reps to find posts easily, check up on them and render vote support.

Also, be sure to read contests and challenge posts thoroughly to find out if some specific tags are being utilized so that the organizers can also find your with ease using the same approach.

I am looking forward to see our steemians utilize these tips for a healthy and stable growth on the steemit ecosystem.

Thank you for your attention.


Good teaching dear. I pray newbies look towards your point directions

 25 days ago 

I hope so too friend.

Yes me personally as a newcomer this post has really opened my eyes. That was very insightful. Thank you @njaywan

Thanks for your judicious work, may God richly bless you for your update

 25 days ago 

Thanks buddy.

Nice tips that newbies need to put into consideration. Thank you for sharing.

 24 days ago 

It's my pleasure.

@njaywan, thank you so much boss
This is very informative and at the right time.
Keep up the good work

 24 days ago 

Many thanks @stephenoppong

 25 days ago 

That's very informative @njaywan.. thanks.
I wish you talked about the unnecessary tags and mentions but I think you gon do that some other time. Thanks for this man!

 24 days ago 

That's true, I have been steemians to refrain from this even in their comment box.

Definitely a good idea.

Thanks for the enlightenment @njaywan. Thumbs up for always steering us(newbies) to the right path. Hope to get more of this from you🙏

 23 days ago 

Thanks for going through, will keep giving my best buddy :)

 24 days ago 

Great work bro

 23 days ago 

Thanks :)

Thank You for sharing Your insights...

Your guidance to newbies is much appreciated.Continue with the good work

Thanks, @njaywan for the assistance and keep the good work.

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