The Diary Game: 21/09/2022 - OSAG Dinner Hype, Helping a Patient and having a Good Day #BURN25STEEM #CLUB75

in Steem Ghana2 months ago

Greetings to all and sundry,

It has been a lovely week so far and I am so excited as I come your way to share my day with you, it is quite unfortunate how our community seems to have lost our booming support however more is still been done and leaders are hopeful for the very best. Ok so back to my story, how did my day go on this particular day?


My Flyer to support the Hype

I had no work to attend to at the hospital and so I spent almost the entire day indoors lest for the fact that a patient contacted me in the afternoon about his glasses that had accidentally broken and needed to be fixed urgently since he had to travel to Accra and wasn't sure what he could do or how he could get his vision sorted out. He has high myopia and thus has very bad vision without it.


Fixing my Patient's lens

And so after my breakfast in the morning, I had to get myself ready to leave to meet him at offline to sort it out for him so he could travel peacefully. For breakfast I was treated to a bowl of Oats with bread and egg by my mothers, she always does this for me in the morning, I am scared I might loss my packs if I keep this up, lol. After I came back it was all about the upcoming OSAG dinner.


Supper is served

The current president of the association had made reservations for me and my executives, getting us a special seat and so I was to convince my colleagues to come which I managed to do successfully, we purchased a ticket for a table of six that would include my entire core executive committee, I shared as many flyers as I could until the day came to an end. I had so much fun on WhatsApp.


Two days to go

For supper I was treated to a plate of rice and stew with meat and a glass of vitamin C. Overall, it was an amazing day that ended with so many smiles on my face. I am eager for the weekend to come so I could attend this dinner and I would be keeping you updated. Thanks for reading my diary, be safe.


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I appreciate all your efforts today bro

 2 months ago 

This is beautiful, i am glad you could be present in the awards night. Your super is always rich with most if the nutrients required.


 2 months ago 

Nice food. Thank you for sharing with us. Wishing you guys the best at the awards. Steem on!

Nice post and nice presentation.

 2 months ago 

I definitely think your mother is making you enjoy. It seems you are mummies boi😂😂😂. I hope you enjoyed the oat and egg from your mum.

 2 months ago 

Nice dairy, thanks for sharing.

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