The Diary Game: 17/09/2022 - A Sleep In Weekend and Fun Time on Social media #Club75 #Burn25steem

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Hello guys,

How are we doing? The weekend is finally here and I am sure most of you are excited about it as I was, my weekend went out just the way I wanted it, the previous day was quite exhausting didn't get much rest because I was up quite early and spent the entire day on the move sleeping late in the evening too so I needed today for myself.


Workstation, ready to get things done this evening

I was awoken somewhere around 8 am this morning because the gas had run out and Mum needed my help sending the cylinder for a refill, I was so sleepy and almost bored that my sleep had to be disturbed but what could I do? I had to help and so I got up got myself ready and left to the gas filling station to do the needful.


Breakfast after filling the gas cylinder

On my way back I bought Tuo Zaafi for breakfast, I was still very sleepy and I don't even know if I remember how I managed to get to the filling station and back, once home I went ahead to finish up my food, added some water and went straight to bed. Before dozing off I asked on my stats for people to ask me anything they wanted to know, then I put it on airplane mode and slept.


The Question i posed on my status

I slept the entire day and woke up only later this evening to find my phone fully charge and my body aching a little bit. I turned on my data only to find loads of messages and questions for me to answer, it was funny and fun at the same time and I enjoyed the rest of the evening so much. Posted funny questions and their corresponding replies on my status which got more and more people to also participate.


The numerous questions answers

The Steem-Ghana leaders also had a brief meeting on the recent plagiarism acts that have come up with people repeating diary games and how best we gonna tackle this, then I prepared some tea and sat behind my desk ready to work both on the blockchain and one some articles I have to read towards my licensure exams. I am still a bit sleepy though so I might not be here for long whiles I am here let me do the needful. Anyway thanks for your time.


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