The Dairy Game: 13/04/2021 - Wrote my First Paper

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Dear Diary,


Quick morning workout before studies

Examination has started for the semester and on this day i wrote my first paper which was ocular manifestations of systemic conditions. I had the paper at 4pm and so i woke up quite early so i could get ready to accordingly by revising my notes and reading to cover all the things i may not have looked at. I woke up at 6am and quickly did some 30 minutes work out with the help of my video.


Taking Tom Brown for breakfast

Afterwards i quickly showered and went downstairs to get some bread, then i cooked tom brown and i ate with it. This time round no movies because i don't have the luxury, will resume movie watching after the examination week is done, so i read on multiple sclerosis whiles eating because i didn't wanna leave any minute to chance.


Jollof after my paper, writing a post

Later in the afternoon, i decided to take a break and so i came online to try and write a post which i never finished till i came back later in the evening after i had finished writing the paper. I took a short nap in between the studies in the afternoon and at 3pm i showered again and left for the exams hall. The paper took two hours and by 6pm we were done so i came back to the room.


Sending contest links to our telegram page

I went to buy jollof from best in town and then I resumed my writing on the blockchain and also entered some contests, then i shared the link to our telegram page and encouraged members to join in the writing. I tried to read small towards the paper i have on Thursday but i was feeling quite jaded and drained by the paper i had just taken and so i laid there for a while until i eventually dozed off.


jollof after exams is bae , i wish you good luck in your next paper, we will also be starting our exams on next week monday

 4 months ago 

Oh ok that's cool all the best in advance don't forget to start preparing adequately for it and thanks too

sure i am well prepared for this

 4 months ago 

wish you all the best in the exams

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